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Two items you may want to comment on from this morning’s Peach Pundit Daily, which reminds me, if you aren’t a subscriber, why not?

Who Are The “Concerned Conservatives of Georgia?” Nobody’s ever heard of them, but they want to hear your concerns, and have offered up a kinda crappy survey here. (Lower your expectations before clicking.)

Former Rep Who Lost Bid For Senate To Primary Someone? Bill Hembree was a State Representative for 18 year when he decided to try to make the jump over to the Senate. Hembree lost to fellow Republican Mike Dugan who just completed his first Legislative Session as a Senate. Now Hembree is thinking of making a comeback. “I’m keeping my options open, but I’m probably going to do something,” Hembree said. “I thoroughly enjoyed serving and I feel like I have something to give back to the community and want to continue to do that.” The two men who currently represent Hembree in the General Assembly — Dugan and District 67 Rep. Micah Gravley (R-Douglasville), who ran for and won the House seat Hembree vacated — appear to be in Hembree’s crosshairs.


  1. John Vestal says:

    Buzz, a discussion the FB page for Forsyth Co GOP indicates a possible/unconfirmed Alex Johnson/Anthony Scott Hobbs link to the mysterious email survey.

  2. not_me says:

    The spam email was sent from mailchimp which is hosted in ATL. The unsubscribe list is maintained from The sad part is they tried to look legitimate by putting a postal address, but they used the Kennesaw State University address. The only think they did right was not register their domain name publicly.

    Btw give them a shout at
    [email protected]
    I wonder if they have signed up to the IHOP birthday club yet?

  3. TheSituation says:

    As friends with both Hembree and Gravley, I am disappointed in Hembree’s remarks. I think Micah did a great job as a freshman Rep this year. He stood up against the house leadership to vote against the hospital bed tax, something Hembree was unable to do back in 2010. With so many bad elected officials, Hembree needs to leave the good ones alone!

  4. Justin Tomczak says:

    Micah is one of the good guys.

    Nothing personal against Hembree, but he gave up the seat in the House because he wanted to be a State Senator (something the voters did not want by the way).

    We need elected officials who are there to serve the people, not ones in need of political titles.

  5. John Pezold says:

    I don’t know Bill Hembree. However, I’ve really enjoyed serving with Micah Gravley. He’s a good man who votes his principles and carries himself with dignity and respect. I’m proud of his service, and the best is yet to come!

  6. mmarshall45 says:

    Its seems to me that all Dugan and Gravely are doing is breaking their arms to pat themselves on the back. I don’t recall at any time during the 18 years Hembree was serving the people of Douglas County that he spent any of his time self promoting. It also sounds to me that Mr. Gravely is being a little sensitive, which is something a person in public office shouldn’t be. We shall see how long he lasts. I really hope that Hembree runs against Dugan again. I don’t know why you all think that Hembree would take a step “back” and run in his old house seat? Also, have any of you “know it all’s” seen the irony in all of this? Gravley got appointed to the position and Hembree had to run in three races. Dugan won with only 6% of the people voting. Hembree received more votes in the General Election that Gravely and Dugan combined. Wake up folks!!!

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