Peach Pundit BBQ Tour: Save The Dates

We’ll have a few more details for you soon, but for now here’s a few dates to put on your calendar:

The Peach Pundit BBQ Tour will kick off next Wednesday, May 1st, in Georgia’s 7th District.  What better way to thumb our nose at May Day than to gather and eat God’s chosen food?  We’re finalizing details of the location now, but we anticipate the time range will be from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. And…drumroll please…Congressman Rob Woodall will be visiting with us during this time.

Likewise, we’ll be in Georgia’s 3rd Congressional district on Monday June 24th.  ….another drumroll please….Congressman Lynn Westmoreland will also share some of his time with the Peach Pundit community.

We’re still working on a date for July.  Stay tuned for another drumroll as we expect to have another Congressman -this one from the Democratic side of the aisle – to confirm his attendance later today.

So…with the revelation that many of Georgia’s Congressmen are interested in spending time with those of us who participate in Georgia politics via social media, let’s talk about what the BBQ Tour is not:  This is not a “town hall”. 

Let me expand and be clear on this.  We are not re-creating your GOP/Democratic breakfast or civic group dinner, where you show up, eat, listen to a speaker for 15 minutes, and then the floor is turned over for questions where someone then makes another 15 minute speech almost phrased as a question.  It’s meant to be a social time, and most of the interaction will be in a one-on-one variety.

The Congressmen will be given time to address the group.  We’re still deciding on whether we’ll attempt to do some sort of podcast with them and the Peach Pundit contributors in attendance.  But this will not be an open free for all where an audience is held hostage so that everyone with an ax to grind gets to take a shot.  We’re going to eat BBQ, have some social time with our readers and elected officials, and not sit uncomfortably and stare straight ahead while the merits of (insert issue here) are discussed by someone from the audience sent to enlighten us.

We continue to look forward to eating Georgia pork BBQ with some of you – now including 3 of our Congressmen.  Others, not so much.


  1. drjay says:

    i want one of these so called congressmen to explain to me why movies are so expensive–not to make, but to go to, movie tickets are too expensive…and the concessions, good grief…

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