Rusty Paul To Run For Mayor Of Sandy Springs

Rusty Paul will be running for Mayor of Sandy Springs.  You know, the city that broke away from Fulton County and Atlanta to get away from the insider dealings that inflated taxes for North Fulton Residents.  So, for those that didn’t like the old boss, perhaps they need to read about Mr. Paul’s recent history with Fulton County and make sure they’re going to like the new Boss.

Mr. Paul has a long history of winning “emergency requests for proposals” with Fulton County and related entities.  You know, the kind of thing that the Sandy Springs government was established to get away from.  Except now he’s the front runner for Mayor.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


  1. CSF says:

    Rusty will make a fine Mayor. He was elected to the City Council of two different cities, served as a State Senator, was a very successful GAGOP Chairman, and Chairman of the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber of Commerce. You have a very accomplished and qualified person running for Mayor. He has big shoes to fill but is just the right person to continue the success that Mayor Galambos brought to Sandy Springs.

  2. And despite what are probably the better intentions of the average local citizen, this kind of stuff is why I remain skeptical of the cityhood movements and the people who push them.

    Afterall, what better mark is there than someone who believes you to be by nature (due to being “closer to the people” or insert some other cliche) more trustworthy than what came before.

  3. Stefan says:

    My understanding is she has decided not to seek reëlection.

    (I have recently learned that grammar and usage hounds scour this blog for inaccuracies, so diaeresis FTW)

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