Morning Reads for Monday 22 April 2013


VW to lay off 500 from Chattanooga plant.

 Car Dealers, whose lobbyists created the new tag title fee, now complain that they aren’t prepared or trained to deal with law they demanded.

 Felony charges for two corrections officers at Columbus Youth Detention facility.

 Columbus considers redevelopment of downtown public housing.

 Georgia tests pumping system to help with water shortage.

 Sequestration will likely impact airshows and other public events at Fort Gordon.

And Rusty Paul, the lobbyist-consultant-legislator has a press conference scheduled for 10:30 AM at Morgan Falls Park, to announce that he will run for Mayor of Sandy Springs.



Airlines sue to stop furloughs of FAA controllers; FAA warns of possible 3 hour delays at Hartsfield.

Hospitals losing money under Affordable Care Act.

EBay lobbying hard against internet sales tax collection.

Evacuated residents are being let back into their homes in West, Texas.

Apparently 4/20 didn’t go over so well in Denver.

Everything Else

War Damn Eagle; Auburn fans roll Toomer’s Corner one last time time.

Earthquakes, Earthquakes everywhere.

New film of old baseball found.

The FCC seems to be OK with David Ortiz and his word choice.

The French to strike because their pants are too tight.


      • Ed says:

        Omar pulling that Superman stunt early on almost had me dropping SE5.

        Although it made up for itself in the last half.

        So, true story. Even though David Simon really was writing his hagiography via Gus and spent time making The Baltimore Sun look bad, it wasn’t warranted considering how far backwards the paper bent for him when he was writing Homicide.

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