Straw Poll!!!

I was out all day in the woods with my family and thus missed the GOP Congressional District excitement. I arrived home to find in my email inbox the following from our fearless leader Mr. Harper. The image shows the results from a GOP US Senate Primary Straw Poll at the 2nd Congressional District Convention. Now we all know how accurate straw polls are but hey, what else are we going to talk about?

straw poll results CD2

Any other Straw Poll results from Saturday’s GOP District Conventions?


  1. CSF says:

    Results of the 2nd District Convention Straw Poll 64 Total Ballots

    GAGOP CHAIR – 54 Total Ballots that are from Delegates or Alternates to the State Convention

    Undecided – 46.15%
    Van Gundy – 23.08%
    Harp – 21.15%
    Johnson – 7.69%
    Padgett – 1.92%

    Then asked, in a runoff for Chair and your first choice did not make the runoff, who would you vote for?

    Undecided – 7
    Van Gundy – 3
    Padgett – 1

    Undecided – 3
    Van Gundy – 1

    Undecided – 1

    Van Gundy
    Undecided – 8
    Padgett – 3
    Harp – 1

    Undecided – 24

  2. NorthGAGOP says:

    Harp should do good in this District. VanGundy should be happy to see the results.

    In the Senate race two unannounced candidates take second and third. Not very good if your Gingrey or Broun.

  3. saltycracker says:

    96% of Republicans would oppose a bill requiring background checks before purchasing a pressure cooker.

  4. troutbum70 says:

    I know it’s early on for this election but I really think a lot of voters are probably tired of these candidates for the U.S. Senate. Would be nice to see some fresh young faced candidates with some bit of experience enter the race.

    • Harry says:

      “Would be nice to see some fresh young faced candidates with some bit of experience enter the race.” That’s an oxymoron, no?

    • Lea Thrace says:

      I would think it’s pretty near impossible for the Senate to be anything but an old man’s game. Mostly because of the whole “experience” thing. Which I do not understand because this country sends 20 and 30 something year olds to the House all the time. And they hold the purse strings. To a certain extent, that’s the more important side of Congress (my opinion of course).

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