GAGOP Round-up: It’s District Convention Time!!!

April 20th is finally here.  Republican delegates and alternates will be gathering in Georgia’s 14 congressional districts to adopt rules, resolutions, and elect leadership for the next two years.  Conventions convene promptly at 10a.

I will be in Rome for the 14th Congressional District Republican Convention where I hope to be elected as the new 1st Vice Chairman.  Darrell Galloway is running for re-election as chairman.  He has done a great job leading and working to meld members from the old 9th and 11th to form Georgia’s newest congressional Republican Party.  I believe he will continue to do a great job as chairman of the 14th District GOP.

So, what do you believe will happen today?  Any surprises to report come the drop of the last gavel?  Discuss in the comments.

Programming note for next week:  I will be posting a questionnaire for candidates for the GAGOP 2nd Vice-Chairman position and will do the same for the 1st Vice-Chairman and Chairman candidates the weeks following leading up to the state convention.  If you’re a candidate and haven’t submitted your questionnaire, please get that to me ASAP.  I’d greatly appreciate it.

Below are a few updates from candidates vying for positions in the GAGOP:

From Catherine Bernard:

Saturday you’ll be attending your Congressional District Convention. This convention is a great opportunity to reconnect with friends from other counties and meet other Republicans from the district.

Personal relationships are the lifeblood of the Republican Party.

When it gets down to business, make sure you really vet the candidates for yourself. These people will have a major influence on the future of the GA GOP and the voice of the grassroots. Our choices for Republican district leadership will impact Congressional races in the next election.

Set the state party on the right track Saturday. You have the power.

And have fun.

Catherine Bernard

From Alex Johnson:

This Saturday, April 20th, Republicans from around the State will be attending Congressional District Conventions to elect new party officers.

In addition to leading their respective districts, the District Chairs elected on Saturday will serve you on the Executive Committee of the State Party for the next two years, and will serve you in organizing and strengthening the Republican Party in Georgia. These State Committee people that you elect will be bringing in new ideas to the party and will be your voice on the State Committee of the Georgia Republican Party. These committed Republicans will be advancing your ideals, goals, and principles for the next two years.

While the nominating committees members in each respective district have worked and are working hard to make sure that you all are informed about the candidates in these races, it is vital that every Delegate and Alternate get to personally know the candidates, their plans for the future of the party, and what each candidate would do with their leadership role within the State GOP. We are at a crossroads within Georgia politics, and without ensuring strong, fresh, principled leadership for the future, we risk losing statewide races to Democrats over the coming years.

You are a true leader of this party, and the task entrusted to you is vitally important for our future. I thank you for your extreme levels of service and dedication, and I wish you and your colleagues all the best this weekend.

Alex Johnson

Kirk Shook, county chairman for Oglethorpe County, district 2nd Vice Chairman, and state committeeman, is running to be Assistant Secretary of the GAGOP:

Ladies and Gentlemen:
For those of you who do not know me, allow me to introduce myself–I am Kirk Shook and I am running for Assistant Secretary of the Georgia Republican Party. I humbly ask for your vote at the State Convention next month.
I have worked in the party and on campaigns since I was old enough to drive and I would like to continue to serve the Party as Assistant Secretary. I was encouraged to run by others who wanted to see someone serve, who just like you, has worked tirelessly in the conservative cause over the years. And I have been overwhelmed by the support just over the past two days since I announced.
I am currently in my third term as Chairman of the Oglethorpe County Republican Party and will stand tomorrow for re-election to my second term as 2nd Vice Chair of the 10th District Republican Party and State Committee member. I plan to bring that experience to the office of Assistant Secretary. Attached is a Political Biography and Resume for those of you who are interested in looking it over and seeing my other experiences.
Seth Harp has a few updates for us.  First, he wants to bring the Republican National Convention to Georgia:

As Chairman, I plan to form a Republican National Convention Committee immediately to explore the feasibility of bidding to host the next Republican National Convention for the next eligible convention.

Atlanta is the Capitol of the Southeast.

Atlanta has the largest number of convention hotel rooms in the Southeast. The busiest airport in the world. And, with the combination of the Georgia World Congress Center and Philips Arena, we have the largest facilities to be able to host a Republican National Convention.

Georgia and Atlanta are home to a number of Fortune 500 companies. Including, but not limited to, Coca-Cola, Delta, Home Depot, and UPS.

Given our corporate leaders, and our history of hosting world-class events, including the Democrat National Convention in 1988, the Olympics in 1996, and multiple NCAA Championships, we have more than a sufficient track record demonstrating we can host this event.

I will establish a professional and diverse bid committee to include business, community, and educational stakeholders to bring the next Republican National Convention to Atlanta.

He also says that he and Sue are on the same side of ethics:

Over the past 2 days, it has been brought to my attention a release of mine has been taken out of context.

I have always had the highest regard for Sue Everhart and the job she has done as our state Party Chair.  Anyone who is familiar with Sue, and her work, cannot possibly think any statement I made regarding ethics could be directed towards her.

I suspect what is taking place is politics; however, as we all witnessed by the vote last year, where the ethics ballot iniative Sue worked hard on placing on the ballot, passed overwhelmingly, I think we all understand Georgians want their political officials to have strong ethics.

Any statements I put out (in the past as well as future), are meant to reflect what I will do as Chairman. And, one of the most important things I will do is build on the incredible foundation Sue Everhart has put into place.

With Seth Harp – the grassroots will be respected – and Sue Everhart is always respected.

And Senator Josh McKoon has extended his support and endorsement:

I am proud to endorse my good friend Seth Harp for Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

Seth Harp has been my mentor and friend – both before I was elected to the Senate and during my service. I am thankful to Seth for the foundation he laid for me and the values he instilled in me.

Long before I started fighting for ethics reform in Georgia, it was Seth Harp who was teaching me about the importance of fighting for strong ethics, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and family values.

It is good for Georgia that Seth is taking a strong and public stand in this campaign for serious ethics reform. I am not alone in understanding those of us supporting serious ethics reform in Georgia, need a chairman as strong as Sue Everhart has been on this matter – that person is Seth Harp.

Join with me and help Keep Georgia RED – vote for Seth Harp as our next GA GOP State Chair.


  1. Charlie says:

    At the 11th district convention. Here’s a straw poll question with no conformation bias whatsoever:

    Best way to address illegal immigration:

    Enforce existing laws

    Amnesty and Enhanced Border Control

    No Amnesty & Enhanced Border Control

    Require Illegal Aliens Return Home & Apply

    Open Borders (Free Flow in/out of US

  2. JeffHaffley says:

    3rd District Convention elected a Tea Party/Liberty slate of officers by a vote of 137 to 108.

  3. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    The 11th was very, very long….glad it finally ended around 430. God bless long time party member Wayne Rice for his motion to adjourn before resolutions, or we would still be there.

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Oh come now.

      It’s only one day out of a year to determine what happens for the next 730 days (or 1460 in presidential years, or 2190 if you’re talking about the Senate).

  4. Nathan says:

    Officers of the 14th Congressional District Republican Party:

    Darrell Galloway (Paulding) – Chairman
    Nathan Smith (Walker) – 1st Vice Chairman
    Zach Hubbs (Catoosa) – 2nd Vice Chairman
    Ed Painter (Whitfield) – Secretary
    Craig McDowell (Paulding) – Treasurer
    Linda Fowler (Murray) – Asst. Secretary
    Tom Saltino (Floyd) – Asst. Treasurer

    State Committeemen of the 14th Congressional District
    Scott Minter of Murray
    Nancy Hollingshed of Paulding
    Layla Shipman of Floyd
    Clydeen Tomanio of Catoosa
    Judy Grammer of Walker
    David Duke of Chattooga
    Rocky Swann of Paulding
    Larry Hutchinson of Haralson
    Blake Silvers of Floyd
    Joel McDurmond of Paulding
    Lynn Hartman of Dade
    Kathy Minter of Polk

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