Not From The Peach Pundit BBQ Tour: A Stop In South Carolina

SC BBQLet me be clear.  This is NOT what you will find on the upcoming Peach Pundit BBQ tour.

I’ve been on a bit of a road trip this week, and this gave me and Eric The Younger an opportunity to stop for lunch on Tuesday in Columbia South Carolina.  It was one of their larger local chains that is often represented to me that don’t know better as what BBQ is supposed to be.  Let’s review:

Pulled pork?  Check.  This and only this meets the requirements for this meal.

Sauce:  Mustard.  Seriously, what the heck people?  This isn’t an acquired taste.  It’s an affront to God.

Brunswick Stew?  No.  They call that stuff that occupies the biggest part of the plate “hash”.  It’s some sort of meat gravy product over white rice.  It tastes OK, but should likely come with the number of the nearest cardiologist.

Slaw:  Not sweet.  No vinegar.  Overriding taste is…pepper.  Must be another regional thing for a region best overlooked.

Baked Beans:  Canned beans, pork, and an awful lot of sugar.  Flavors hadn’t quite gelled so it was likely an early batch.  Would have probably been good if cooked a few hours.  Or stirred.  Or something.

Hushpuppies:  I love good hushpuppies but usually associate them with fried seafood dinners.  They’re served with BBQ often in both Carolinas.  These had an outside texture that was perfectly browned and crispy.  But the inside….was soft and yet still darker than the outside.  I have no idea what is in these things, but….sadly, no.  Just no.

So, in short, I’ve tried South Carolina BBQ so you don’t have to.  If driving out I-20 and in desire of another regions’ BBQ, keep driving until you hit I-95, then head North.  I’ll be back later with an update on a variation of what “other people’s” BBQ is like when it is not offensive or an affront to God like that with mustard on it.

And yes, I will hold this against Eric The Younger.


    • Noway says:

      Actually Charlie, I’m surprised you could eat that slop. It looks nothing like our good ol’ Georgia BBQ. Actually the stuff on the left looks like you couldn’t keep it down! Get back to GA ASAP and get some real BBQ.

  1. I think I recognize the Melvins BBQ or Bessingers BBQ (same company, split apart 20 years ago) on that plate. I used to work there as a kid, in fact.

    Charlie, I agree with you on many things. But on this one…your attack on the bliss of mustard-based sauce on BBQ…you must have stopped to do a taste testing at the local moonshine distillery, too.

    But your photo makes me want to drive to Charleston. And for that, I give thanks!

    • Engineer says:

      Bessinger’s BBQ, that’s a name I haven’t heard since the last time I went to Charleston and ate there about 5 or 6 years ago. The BBQ was ok, but mustard based sauces aren’t my thing, not to mention my fiancee is deathly allergic to mustard, so that makes it no-go for me.

  2. View from Brookhaven says:

    Bucky’s in Greenville is the only passable BBQ that I’ve had in SC.

    I don’t even know what that stuff in the picture is.

  3. polpol says:

    Bessenger’s is GREAT…….but it is as different as GA BBQ is from NC BBQ from SC BBQ……nuf said.

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