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Music is: “I Don’t Worry About A Thing” by Mose Allison. (“I know nothing’s going to be alright” is the reason for his apathy.)

A huge blast at a Texas fertilizer plant kills five and a possible suspect in the Boston bombing.

2.4 million archive materials never before available to the public are going online at noon today. #baller #nerdsdelight

This is still the best thread on PP. 


  1. Ellynn says:

    Dude, you are begining to scare me!

    There are at least 6 items on this list that I have listen to, read, marked in my calender or talked about with a friend in the last 6 days.

    Stop accessing my i-phone and computer… 😉

  2. Jackster says:

    Coming soon – you’ll be able to carry a “pocket knife” through security at the airport.

    Like a true BAMF, I whipped out my pocket knife for a TSA officer to inspect this past Sunday @ ATL. It’s not a big deal – just a standard gerber 2.5″ locking blade. You know. a NORMAL pocket knife.

    He informed me since:
    1) the blade locked
    2) it had a “grip” (a finger groove)
    3) Was partially serrated
    4) Was longer than allowed

    I was still SOL. I must now learn to get by with my grandad’s pen knife, or the crappiest swiss army you can find.

    I mean really, what’s the point in allowing “pocket knives” if you define it so restrictively.

    Anyone else want to get in on ?

    • Ed says:

      Also considering boxcutters are what the 9/11 hijackers used… maybe blades aren’t one of the first things they should ease up on.

        • MattMD says:

          It’s a horrible point that has no basis in reality anymore. When was the last time someone hijacked a US flagged carrier, again?

      • MattMD says:

        It wasn’t the weapons which made 9/11 a success it was the mindset that hijackers did not use commercial airliners as guided missiles.

        You could let someone on with a katana and I guarantee you the passengers on that plane are not going to sit idly by and let that plane be used as a weapon. Those days were over the morning of 9/11.

        We’re back to worrying about explosive devices, which are a legitimate concern.

    • Ellynn says:

      I don’t own or use a Mac. I have a iphone because that is what HR shipped me

      I was listening to Kurt Vile on Saturday on Pitchfork.
      My friend just got back from Conyers on the 8th and emailed me all about it. She wants me to go back with her next time so I can explain all the Catholic stuff to her.
      I have a note on my calander about DPLA access (research tweeb…) I am also write up an article for a geneology society newletter about the site.
      I read the AJC article on underwater loans
      My contect in Dalton was telling me about the whole Ringgold drama on Monday.
      AND I have been looking for some new articoke recipes. I was pinning some all last weekend for future review…

  3. sockpuppet says:

    “Don’t they know their Bible in SA? Eve tempted Adam, duh.”

    Not what the Bible says or implies.

  4. mountainpass says:

    On the Dekalb Detective, remember what Dekalb Sheriff Brown said about HB512(the only GA sheriff to speak ill of the bill):

    “It seems that in today’s gun debates, legislators believe that if a gun owner is licensed, he is unlikely to commit a crime and is exempt from becoming emotional and using his or her weapon. I vehemently disagree. Just because an individual goes to his county or municipality, pays a fee and offers his/her fingerprints does not exempt them from breaking a law or categorize them as more law abiding. Yes, licensed gun owners pass a background check but think of how many suspects commit serious crimes as their first offense. Many of our mass shootings have been committed by individuals who have never before been charged with a crime.”

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