This Headline From The Politico Seems To Have A Tinge Of Armchair Quarterbacking

Hindsight tends to be 20/20, and it looks like The Politico is taking that opportunity, the day after the terrorist attack in Boston, with the headline “Jack Kingston urged Guard ‘take a pass’ on Boston Marathon”.

Hmm…seems awfully Monday quarterback-ish of The Politico.  Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA-01) did urge National Guard leaders to reconsider the use of their limited resources, including taking a pass in being a part of security for the Boston Marathon….in March 2012.  Congressman Kingston indicated that his concern was more along the lines of pulling out-of-state resources to supplement civic events such as the Boston Marathon or a gubernatorial inauguration (i.e., Georgia National Guardsmen being sent to Ohio, Massachusetts, or Virginia for an event).  I believe Congressman Kingston was pressing the National Guard’s leader at the time to think through some of the events that the National Guard participates in as security detail.

I hope and pray that we don’t have similar attacks in our country.  I also agree with Congressman Kingston:  I don’t believe that having more National Guard troops on the ground would’ve prevented this atrocity.