The Annual “It’s Ed’s Birthday!” Open Thread

Forget about filing your taxes* because it’s Ed’s birthday! This isn’t just any Monday it’s an Ed’s Birthday Monday. Celebrations are breaking out all over, especially Down Under. Sure the Aussies are happy Adam Scott won the Masters but they’re even more excited it’s Ed’s Birthday.

Wish Ed a Happy Birthday below.

* Don’t really do forget to file your taxes. File you taxes and file them on time because failure to do so would be against the law and cost you a lot of money.


  1. Ellynn says:

    I am making a coconut custard tart for your birthday. Of course, I’m not sharing it with any one, but your birthday gave me a good reason to make one. So Thanks, and Happy Birthday!

            • I was told by an anonymous source that the party was funded by the reimbursement money for cancellation of your policy. Well, that and the scrap metal money. And the rent monies from the Association of Liberal Rino Democrats. The property is now listed and taxed as commercial property.

              Hopefully J.T. can help to reinstate the policy to help cover for new plumbing, electrical, appliances, heating and air, carpet, sheetrock, shingles, etc. Don’t forget the etc.

              Oh, also ask about the umbrella and liability policy coverage. People are asking when their medical bills, bail, car repairs, etc. are going to be taken care of.

              And worst of all: You are out of alcohol. More was going to be made, but you know GA has limits on home brews.

              P.S. You know have a cat, a hamster, and a goat.

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