Of Peanuts and Parties, the Georgia Agriculture Crew Jumps in Feet First

As you may have read in the Daily, or the Morning Reads, or theoretically in an actual newspaper, a number of Agriculture Department employees went skinny dipping, or didn’t in Lake Blackshear last September, during a taxpayer funded departmental retreats.

Members of the department are in full retreat this week as well after charges were leveled that the retreat was really more of a fraternity party, and that a “fraternity-type” atmosphere exists at the Department.

Probably not an actual photo of the Georgia Ag Dept


Two high ranking officials resigned under pressure this week because of the incident involving 6 men, 1 woman, and a South Georgia Lake. Deputy Commissioner Oscar Garrison and COO Billy Scaggs are both out after admitting their part in the festivities.

You know what they weren’t fired for? Negligent Inspection and Failure to Inspect the Peanut Corporation of America plants that sickened many with salmonella tainted peanuts.

And that t’aint right.




  1. Left Turn Only says:

    Hey, those folks were down there for state business, but they weren’t on 24 hour duty. If they were just hanging out after official activities were done, and they paid for their own debauchery, I see no reason to fire them. Discipline for bad judgment, sure, but they were on their own time and broke no laws.

    Maybe we should apply the same standards to members of the General Assembly who engage in the traditional drunkenness and womanizing during the legislative session.

  2. Cameron Crazy says:

    When I think frat party I don’t think Gary Black. From what I have read, Gary got rid of these clowns the moment he found out. Secondly, who promoted that loud redneck to deputy commish?? Anyone down for a little consensual horseplay?

  3. saltycracker says:


    Right on – don’t care if they roll around “neked” in the peanut butter – just ID the tainted stuff.

  4. Duke66 says:

    Best run and the most important department in Georgia government. This was a most unfortunate occurrence for Georgia Ag. However, be careful about blaming the Georgia Tech guys, you might have a GT alumnus in your own family. 

  5. Dave Bearse says:

    I don’t know that what’s been made public merits getting canned.

    Just across the street from the Ag building at the Dome however, it was business as usual to disreputably if not criminally pocket $1,000’s while colleagues ignore it, keep getting re-elected, and remain a committee chairman to boot.

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