Colbert Busch To Visit Atlanta For Fundraiser

You really didn’t want to be left out of the Mark Sanford v Colbert happenings over in SC-1, did you?

Tom Houck lets us know via Facebook that Elizabeth Colbert Busch will be in Atlanta one week from today, and she’ll gladly take your check while she’s here.  The invite lists the following as Congressman John Lewis as Host, with sponsors including  Governor Roy Barnes, Congressman Hank Johnson, Congressman David Scott, Rep. Stacey Abrams, Rep. Virgil Fludd, Senator Vincent Fort, Councilman Kwanza Hall, Senator Steve Henson, City Council President Ceasar Mitchell, Senator Nan Grogan Orrock, Elizabeth Appley, Jesse Crawford, Todd Evans, Will & Holly Hazleton, Tom Houck, Jeanney Kutner, Wendell & Mary Reilly, Nikema Williams, and Melinda & Phil Holladay.

The 47% can attend for $250, but if you have some of that 1% money burning a hole in your pocket, a platinum sponsorship can be had for the low low price of $2,600.  Click the invite link above to RSVP.

And, if Mark Sanford is more your thing (careful Democrats, lest we bring up the fact that Anthony Weiner is looking like the front runner for NYC Mayor), you can donate to him here.


  1. Spacey G says:

    I happen to be in SC-1 district. I’d steal a Sanford sign to bring back to Georgia but there aren’t all that many around. And the ones I do see are noticeably bedraggled and bland. Unlike the candidate and his fiance. They seem so, uh, “fit”. Together.

    Local paper had some semblance of journalism regarding Colbert Busch (Did you know her ex husband appeared briefly on America’s Most Wanted for some brush with securities fraud? Well, now you do.) in that some are saying she’s going to have to point out Sanford’s (who her brother calls the “ardent hike-lover”) numerous shortcomings (losing elections not being one) a heck of a lot more often than she’s (non-existently) doing.

    What a wasted opportunity indeed! I mean why run any kinda race against Mark Sanford unless you took the Mickey outta him at least 20x per day? Leading me to think think the Colbert comedic genius thing was a one-per-family-only genetic fluke.

  2. Weiner could have learned from Sanford, Vitter, DesJarius etc. Do the crime and continue doing your time in office, the voters eventually move on. Even Drudge will.

  3. sockpuppet says:


    “careful Democrats, lest we bring up the fact that Anthony Weiner is looking like the front runner for NYC Mayor”

    The difference is that Weiner is a socially liberal Democrat. Sanford’s career was based in large part on marketing himself as a conservative evangelical Christian, and his economic and social views being consistent with – and worthy of support because of – that framework, and being a faithful husband is part of that worldview, as is the idea that having a strong family structure that emphasizes self-reliance is preferable to having a robust social safety net, and that moreover having such a social safety net undermines the family structure which grows government to deal with the social problems in turn. By cheating on and ultimately leaving his wife and sons without a husband and a father, Sanford undermined pretty much the entire rationale for his political career.

    With Weiner – and before him Clinton, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson etc. – the only real problem was their being dumb enough to get caught. The Democrats don’t make marriage and family a core part of their core economic and size/role of government philosophy. Quite the opposite: the Democrats claim that basing our economy and society on marriage forces people into the institution in order to have a minimum standard of living and oppresses individual freedom (and alternative lifestyles) and if anything believe that the social safety net and other government policy should allow and help people to be (for example) single mothers with multiple children if they so choose, and further that the government and economy should accommodate people who do not personally subscribe to capitalism, the Protestant work ethic, etc. (a society where hard work is optional for those who find it personally fulfilling, but those who do not can shun it and still life relatively comfortably). I still remember a New York Times column that trashed Rudy Giuliani for turning New York City into a place where you can’t spend your life strung out on heroin and collecting welfare if you chose, and that the poor oppressed drug addicts were being forced to leave the city to escape Giuliani’s police state. (I am not making this up.)

    Because of the vastly different way that modern conservative and modern liberal politics view the role of marriage in a society, where Sanford’s behavior was a disaster for all that he represented (and so is the willingness of voters to send him and guys like David Vitter back to office) Weiner’s behavior was just a blip in the road.

    Also, let me say it: even though I despise his politics – and can’t stand the man personally – Weiner did a lot of good putting corporate crooks in jail while he was New York attorney general, and as a result has done a lot more good than Sanford ever did as governor of South Carolina. The Republicans NEED a guy like that – and not private equity types – if they are going to get back in power. Remember, Rudy Giuliani got his start by putting insider trading crooks in jail in the Reagan administration. But the GOP ideology changed from taking a hard line against those types of criminals under Reagan to running interference for them (it wasn’t the banks, it was the affirmative action CRA rules!) now.

    • DavidTC says:

      Uh, their behavior was not the same.

      Sanford _had an affair_. One in which he actually planned to divorce his wife, and did. More than that, he actually disappeared for several days. Seriously, there are things you don’t actually do while a leader in public office. Running off to another country without telling anyone is one of those things, unless you have a _really_ good reason. (And Sanford had the _opposite_ of a good reason.)

      Weiner, as far as we know, just flirted with some women. (Which he stupidly did electronically so there would be a record of it.) Although, frankly, he _could_ have disappeared…one congressman is a lot less important than governor. Oh, and then Weiner kept lying about it for, what, a week? Two weeks? Which was epically stupid and probably what caused him to resign.

      Colbert Busch has a pretty good attack vector WRT to Sanford. Forget the ‘affair’. Point out that he decided to abandon his constituents for something that wasn’t any sort of emergency, with no way for anyone to reach him, without bothering to _tell_ people he was doing that.

      Incidentally, Sanford, there is a _slight_ amount of romanticism that the voters will forgive you for, but only if you _actually marry Maria Chapur_, which you have thus far failed to do. You could, in theory, present it as some sort of ‘I had to drop everything to make some sort of romantic gesture’ that could help voters accept you running off, but you don’t get to then wait four years (or three years since your divorce) to marry her.

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