Wilcox County Native Melvin Everson Calls For Prom Funding….Last Week

Better Georgia wants their headlines today.  Let it be known that Republican Melvin Everson actually got the ball rolling last week, posting the following on Facebook on April 5th:

Recently, my birth county Wilcox has been in the news for not having one single prom for all students. Currently there are three proms held. One for blacks, one for whites, and one for those who wanted to have a combined prom. Neither prom has received much support. I have spoken to many leaders in Wilcox and they very much want one single prom for all students. According to my sources, no one was… turn away from attending any one of the proms. I graduated from Wilcox High in 1975 and did not experience the prom atmosphere because one wasn’t held. I am willing to help fund one single prom for all students that will be an evening to remember. I call upon all those from Wilcox to help make this a reality. Please do not allow the media to present Wilcox as a backward, back wood County. I am proud of my birth county and all the citizens who live there. Come on Wilcox, let’s show this state, this country, and the world, that Wilcox is bigger than this. Let’s Go Wilcox! Let’s make it happen with class!
(Emphasis added.)  Melvin has made his contribution directly to the prom committee, and will be in Wilcox county on the evening of the prom, April 27th in Cordele.


  1. BryanLong says:

    Better Georgia applauds Republican Melvin Everson, executive director of Georgia’s Commission on Equal Opportunity, for his support of these students.

    Now, let’s get all of Georgia’s elected officials to support these students along with Mr. Everson. I hope Gov. Deal joins him at the integrated prom and tells the nation that Georgia has moved beyond segregated proms once and for all.

    • UpHere says:

      eye roll, why not do your own damn fundraising instead of asking it from others? Oh yeah, you can’t make a public political point. What an arse.

    • Andre says:

      Bryan Long and Better Georgia pulled what is known as a “Peggy Hill.”

      A “Peggy Hill” occurs when a group or individual aggrandizes their own involvement in something, regardless of how minor their role actually was.

      An example of a “Peggy Hill” comes from an episode of “King of the Hill” where Peggy Hill says to her son, Bobby, “And that is how I saved Christmas,” even though her role in bringing her husband and her father-in-law together for the season was very minimal.

  2. Seth Clark says:

    This is awesome. It was not about being first or last, it was about getting these kids the support they deserve and raising them above the national ridicule.

    Congratulations on getting the ball rolling, Mr. Everson! Here’s to much more support from every corner of Georgia’s political scene.

      • Seth Clark says:

        It sure is.

        This last minute, bipartisan push should allow them to throw the over the top prom and celebration of this milestone, as well as give these brave students a pretty good egg for the college experience they deserve. I think it’s great that so many people are continuously and graciously rewarding their courageous acts.

        Have you given yet, Mr. Staples?

        • I was going to give until I saw that they had reached their goal for the prom – something I think is necessary. Now that it’s going towards scholarships, that’s a different cause. I would hope they’re already eligible for the HOPE scholarship and will take advantage of that. As well, there are a variety of scholarship foundations that award based upon need, community service, etc. While I’m sure they’re very deserving, it’s not my typical cause, and there’s really no defined expenditures of the funds… so I haven’t made a decision whether to help fund scholarships or not. I typically give to a variety of organizations including St. Jude and St. Baldricks to help find a cure for cancer… those two specifically being primarily children’s cancer related. This one always gets me…

          • Seth Clark says:

            Great causes and video.

            Thanks for the kind response, Mr. Staples and for your support of such good organizations.

            I sure hope their HOPE eligible as well–and I’m sure that kids of this caliber are. I also hope their families can afford the recently out of pocket expenses that did not used to come with a HOPE Scholarship. With 1 in 5 of their families living at or below the poverty rate, there’s a good chance they can’t. Maybe they’ll be able to use this extra cash to fill that gap.

        • griftdrift says:

          Have you given yet? Have you given yet? Are you serious? I’ve spent close to five years calling out the witch burners on the right. I’ve always wondered when the tide will turn. I see with at least a portion of the left it has.

          You have no shame.

  3. Edward Lindsey says:

    If there is one thing I have learned in politics it is that you get a whole more done if you do not care who gets the credit. Wilcox County is where my mother is from and where I spent every summer on my grandfather’s farm. I am proud of these students. Elizabeth and I have contributed to their cause. I ask everyone else on Peach Pundit do the same.

    State Representative Edward Lindsey
    Georgia House Majority Whip

  4. So I’m on vacation with my family and avoiding social media as much as possible. I get a text from a local reporter informing me there was a hostage situation a few miles from my house. I got on Twitter to see what was happening. It was a tragic situation and I’m sorry for the loss of life but glad the Officers and Firefighters are OK.

    Then I noticed I was being called out on Twitter (three times I think) wanting me to donate to Better Georgia for the kids in Wilcox County. That’s a good thing to support except Melvin Everson, whom I consider a friend, had already called me and secured my support. No Twitter necessary.

    Sorry if I sound a little ticked off but come on, raising money for these students is a great idea but to spend the afternoon calling out people trying to shame them when a simple please would do the job is just annoying.

    • BryanLong says:


      Better Georgia never asked you to give money to our group.

      We have asked all of Georgia’s elected officials to support the students in Wilcox County. We specifically asked you to make a public statement of support OR to give a donation on their Facebook page to financially support them.

      I’m sorry that being a public official is such a burden to you.

  5. Ed says:

    Bryan–give it a rest. And by “it”, I mean everything you’re doing related to and in this thread.

  6. UpHere says:

    Bryan, your group has officially jumped the shark. What an idiotic thing to do instead of rolling up your sleeves and doing the work yourself. Your organization looks stupid because of how you handled this.

    • …especially when they already met their fundraising goal back on April 5th, and now the money is being used for scholarships for the students. That, to me, is a different cause than an integrated prom…

      “If you would like to continue donating, the monies will be used for scholarships for the students who have worked tirelessly for this Prom since its inception, as well as, for the future generation of leaders.”

      • saltycracker says:

        When a cause keeps on keeping on there is usually a “small” admin fee involved and the anything
        left going to the recipient has few strings. Accountability ?

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