Pridemore Leaves Governor’s Office of Workforce Development; 11th CD Run Looking Likely

Looks like GA 10 isn’t the only race that will be getting candidate speculation into overdrive this week.  Tricia Pridemore, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Workforce Development, has tendered her resignation effective April 15th.  In the resignation letter, she states “After 20 months, I have finished the job the governor has asked of me.”  She will be replaced by the Office’s General Counsel, Blake Ashbee, who will serve as Interim Executive Director according to the letter.

Her letter may be read in full here.  Other media using please cite Peach Pundit.

Pridemore is considering a run for the Georgia 11th District congressional seat being vacated by Phil Gingrey.  Bob Barr has already announced he’s going to party like it’s 1999, while the other potentially serious contenders of State Senator Barry Loudermilk and House Republican Whip Ed Lindsey remain Coy.  Lindsey however, has tipped his hand somewhat by joining twitter with the handle @EdLindsey14.  One can assume that’s for a 2014 race or that @EdLindsey numbers 1-13 were already taken.

Neither State Senator Judson Hill nor Judson Hill’s hair were available for comment.


  1. tdk790 says:

    Pridemore is an easy target with the Falcons stadium and not much experience outside of Deal-backed roles.

    Loudermilk could carry Bartow easily and watch Pridemore/Barr/Hill split up Cobb County. Not sure where Ed Lindsey fits into the equation, but I’d bet he’ll have the funds to fit in somewhere.

  2. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Who even knows who Pridemore is outside of grassroots GOP activists and people that were in her 9-12/Tea Party group? Gov. Deal’s endorsement wasn’t enough to get her the state GOP chairmanship. I seem to remember him being booed at the convention over his support for her. Cobb County was very split over that race. I will guess that is still the case in Cobb, at least for the people who know who she is.

    It is going to take more than the Governor’s endorsement for her to even get into a run-off.

    • Ken says:

      I think Governor Deal being booed (I was there, too) had far less to do with Pridemore and much more to do with the governor deciding he could control the state party. If Deal had only quietly provided organizational support and been silent, Pridemore would have likely won.

      It was a close contest despite the negatives. AND yet another indicator that Governor Deal does not understand the workings of his own party.

      • tdk790 says:

        To Sue’s credit, she was 1 or 2 percentage points shy breaking 50% in the first ballot in 4 person field. That doesn’t feel “close” to me, especially when you consider how much money Tricia claimed to have put in for herself.

        • Ken says:

          Yes, and that includes people like me who voted for Sue but did not consider Pridemore because of the link to Governor Deal. There were quite a few of us who fell into that category.

  3. UpHere says:

    I tend to agree with these comments. She has zero legislative experience and seems to lean on Deal to get elected to anything. She would not stand a chance in hell against Lindsey or Judson Hill.

    • drjay says:

      i agree, i know it may not be the most popular sentiment, but i was fairly impressed with her chair run, even if she did lose. she and the mrs had a fairly lengthy phone conversation leading up to that convention and basically convinced us she was up for the job, and we were quite undecided before that point…

      • My vote was never really against Tricia – it was a protest vote against Deal shoving her down my throat. He truck-salted my Handel wounds.

        Tricia is more socially conservative than I am, but I could have worse problems. She succeeded as an entrepreneur and then got a government department on track in less than two years. I can support that.

  4. Napoleon says:

    Anyone but Tricia because what we need in the Congress is less people who have built successful businesses and more legislative experience.

    • Politics are getting weird. As another example, I have already that Jack Kingston is the best candidate because of his experience in Congress and that he is the worst candidate because of his experience in Congress. I have seen him labelled a moderate, a conservative, and a RINO.

      All I am hearing about Tricia is that Deal tried to take over the Party and she was his puppet. Tricia is a very hardworking and intelligent person who knows how to surround herself with the right kind of people. She had some very good ideas 2 years ago, but they got drowned out with the Deal talk. I hope, if she runs, that she will not be dismissed because of her Chair run two years ago and her support from Deal.

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