New Video of James Earl Ray

The Shelby County (Tennessee) Register of Deeds office released new footage of James Earl Ray and his arrest and trial. The footage was posted nearly 45 years to the day following Ray’s assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

All of the footage is available here for download.

“In 1968, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office purchased a Sony Videocorder and Video Camera for the purposes of documenting the extradition, incarceration, and proceedings as related to James Earl Ray for the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr,” a statement on the office’s website said. “It is believed that the personnel using the equipment were learning how to operate this technology as they recorded. As a result, the footage is not always as clear as we are accustomed to seeing today. Additional lighting is not used on most of the recordings. Audio portions are not always clear. There are inconsistencies in the video and audio tracks throughout the converted footage.”