Kingston Reports Q1 Fundraising Numbers With Eye Toward US Senate- Updated

Federal Candidates have to report fundraising numbers quarterly, and with the filing deadline upon us we’ll be able to compare how the announced candidates (Broun, Gingrey) and unannounced congressional candidates (Kingston, Price) have done since Saxby Chambliss’ surprise announcement early in the quarter.  Others who are contemplating the race but have not filed for a committee and not currently a Congressional candidate won’t be reporting, as they don’t yet have a vehicle for official fundraising.

According to an article in Politico received this morning, Kingston will report having raised $841,000 in the first quarter and will have $1.75 Million cash on hand.

Preparing for a likely Senate bid, Georgia GOP Rep. Jack Kingston will announce that he’s raised $841,000 in the first quarter of 2013, bringing him to a total $1.75 million on hand. Kingston has reportedly hired a polling firm and plans a mid-April announcement of his decision in the race. His first-quarter fundraising, especially compared with the same period in 2011, when he raised $90,000, is another sign the congressman is planning to announce he’ll run.

We’ll watch for the reports from the other Congressmen as the first round of setting impressions for 2014 comes to a close.

Update: Jack Kingston’s campaign office official statement on his fundraising:

Savannah, GA ­ Congressman Jack Kingston kicks off the 2014 political cycle with a strong fundraising report.  Due out next Monday, the report will show the First District Congressman raised $841,000 and has $1.75 million cash on hand.

“The outpouring of support over the last three months has been overwhelming,” said Kingston.  “It is humbling to have so many put their trust in me to advance our conservative agenda.”

The report is by far the strongest Kingston has posted in his time in Congress.  In comparison, he raised $89,993 in the first quarter of 2011 and had $956,627 on hand.

“Liberal special interests have already begun launching attacks in our state,”  Kingston said.  “We will need a strong war chest to turn back their attacks and continue our efforts to cut deficit spending, encourage economic growth, and harness America¹s energy potential.”

Kingston’s campaign committee, Friends of Jack Kingston, will file the necessary paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission which will post the report on its website April 15.


  1. Ken says:

    This is certainly a good sign for Kingston and for the GOP if he is the nominee. I’ve followed his career and I’m glad to see Jack run.

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