Senator Bill Cowsert Opts Out Of Congressional Run

From the Tip Line: Senator Bill Cowsert announced at a Walton County Republican Party meeting tonight that he would not run for Congress.

Apparently he was intending to, but he decided today to change his mind and not run.


  1. Bloodhound says:

    That was a surprise! I got a call Sunday night to be there for his big announcement. Evidently he changed his mind Monday afternoon.

    Perhaps Rep. Bruce Williamson would consider getting in the 10th CD race now?

  2. Duke66 says:

    Understand Mr. Cowsert noted a “big grin” on Stephen Simpson’s face following the announcement. Colonel Simpson’s accomplishments are remarkable and we need leaders like him in Washington. Take a look:

  3. JWilliams says:

    I do not know if Stephen Simpson has decided to run or not but I do know that everyone around here will be supporting him if he does. We need more people like Mr. Simpson in Washington!! PLEASE RUN!

  4. gaconservative12 says:

    While this does come a surprise, I am excited to see if Col. Stephen Simpson will run again. I have hopes that he will seeing as his website has the 2014 on it. His resume is lengthy and very impressive. He will have my full suppport! We need leaders like Simpson in Washington today, a strong history of leadership and getting the job done!! Simpson in 2014!!

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