Morning Reads for Friday, April 5, 2013

First the news, then a Caption Contest to follow….

– Gird your loins; the Final Four is upon us! Plus a evening Braves game and a free Zac Brown Band concert in Centennial Park.
– In case you missed it, the highly anticipated annual Creative Loafing Golden Sleaze Awards are out! Rep.Earl Ehrhart even sent them a thank you note.
Dr. Ben Carson to speak at the Fulton County GOP Spring Reception, April 25th.
– Decent peach crop expected this year.
– Georgia Trend 2013 Economic Yearbook. Growth trends and disappointments.
– And there will be great rejoicing! Zombies return to Senoia in May. By the way, entertainment generated nearly $880 million for the state last year.

– The FACT Act aims to curb abuse in asbestos claims.
Obamacare exchanges delayed another year. What could go wrong?
Connecticut passes new gun laws. Wonder if they will be unenforceable like New York’s hurried debacle?
– Movie critic Roger Ebert died yesterday after a long battle with cancer.
– Got an iPhone? The DEA doesn’t like you.
– Has Obama met his Waterloo?

Random Everywhere:
UGA gets its own font. 148 days, but who’s countin’? Bulldog uniforms over the years.
– Speaking of college football – have I told you today how much Auburn stinks? Well, Auburn stinks!
– Awww, it’s Daddy on the TV! Plus an awesome idea to replace the golf cart. I bet R.B.* couldn’t turn one of those over!

* Awesome story. Ask me at a Road Show sometime.

Caption this photo…

(Buzz has already called dibs on the gold lame vest!)



  1. Michael Silver says:

    Captain and Mrs. Kirk pose for the Paparazzi after their wedding at Planet Tellar’s Cosmic Hall.

    • John Vestal says:

      Hmmmm…so James Tiberius is related to Senator Mark? He’s born in 2233 in southeastern Iowa…..right next to the Senator’s home state of Illinois…coincidence? :>)

  2. PoliticalDawg83 says:

    FACT Act. I read about this on a blog not too long ago. Sounds like a great bi-partisan piece of legislation. Maybe some of Georgia’s delegation will sign on and support it.

  3. Andre says:

    With a couple of menacing glares, Kirk & Spock single-handled stop North Korea from launching a nuclear attack on the United States.

  4. sockpuppet says:

    Via GaPundit and the Albany Herald, Johnny Isakson claims that the Savannah port is the #1 issue.

    Ummm … so why don’t we deepen it ourselves? Since we only have until 2015 to get it done? And we do have the money. Yes, we do have the money. Call a special session Deal and get this done this summer.

    Also, if the port is the #1 issue, then improving our transportation infrastructure to move the freight is #2. It will also require freight rail, added freight capacity at airports and more highways. Again, we have the money to get it done, not a lot of time to do it (2015) and no one talking about it or providing leadership. What are we talking about instead? A Georgia version of the FairTax. As if supply side economics is going to cause those infrastructure improvements to spontaneously generate or something. Or if private industry is going to do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

    And don’t expect much help from the feds on either the port or the infrastructure to support it anytime soon. Sequestration, debt ceiling, Ryan plan, budget battles (assuming Obama ever gets around to actually submitting a budget), so forth and so on. Georgians have to get this done ourselves, and if Isakson really believes it is this important, he needs to use a sharp pig stick to poke Deal and the state legislature. Again, it isn’t as if we don’t have the money.

  5. MattMD says:

    I’m guessing that Georgia will be setting it’s sights on an Outback or Capital One Bowl by mid-September.

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