Lindsey & Barr Talk About The CD11 Race

Dan Whisenhunt caught up with Edward Lindsey (who has not yet announced he’s running) and Bob Barr (who has announced he’s running) and asked them about the race to replace Phil Gingrey in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District. Lindsey was asked if he’s running, and Barr was asked what he’s been doing for the last ten years.


  1. Spacey G says:

    To all those naysayers (and there are some, let’s just be honest here, folks) who don’t find humor in the Buzz, well…. here’s this post.

  2. Harry says:

    It’s not a good idea to disappear from the state for a decade and then just show up to raise funds for a purported campaign.

  3. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    What do you mean, disappear? By my count, this is his fourth attempt to return to DC since Linder sent him home. He was briefly in the race for CD 6 in 2003, ran for President in 2008, made moves to possibly run in CD 14 (I even saw rumors he said he was moving to Paulding to be in the district) and now this. Something tells me he never quite got over his loss and misses the high life of DC. Maybe he should look for a lobbying gig instead.

  4. Michael Silver says:

    Lindsey voted for self-defense rights TWICE this year (HB512, and the updated SB101). If he runs, he’s got my and my neighbor’s vote.

  5. Spacey G says:

    Someone mentioned that Barr lives in Smyrna/Smyrna area now. And I about wrecked my AMC Gremlin the other day driving through Smyrna. I thought I was lost. Place looked great. Last time I went through Smyrna, about 1979 or thereabouts, it was still sporting a Depression Era style. So maybe BB’s been helping out with the great revitalization of Smyrna, Georgia?

    Heck if I know what he’s been doing, other than banging on keyboards. Just throwing stuff out here.

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