Handel For Senate?

National Review has an article on the GOP side of the race for US Senate here in Georgia. Most of the article discusses whether or not former Secretary of State and Candidate for Governor Karen Handel will jump into the fray. The article mentions what has long been assumed around these parts that if Congressman Tom Price doesn’t run, as increasingly seems to be the case, Handel would run. Our fearless leader makes an appearance in the piece:

“Handel would start with an initial fundraising deficit to the members of Congress who have been able to raise campaign cash in their existing congressional campaign accounts,” according to Charlie Harper of Peach Pundit, a popular Georgia political blog. “But she also starts with the advantage of having run a recent statewide campaign with a grassroots base intact as well as national name ID.”

A Landmark/Rosetta Stone poll released on Tuesday puts her in third place in the primary contest, behind Gingrey and Broun. (Mark Rountree, president of Landmark Communications, tells me the pollsters didn’t include Price in the list of names to choose from, since they assumed his supporters would be roughly the same as Handel’s.) That poll has drawn interest from national Republicans, who aren’t eager to back Broun or Gingrey, and who want to make sure that a very winnable Senate seat stays in Republican hands.

So, does Handel get in? What would that do to the GOP Primary?



  1. Trey A. says:

    I hope she jumps in! I’m so looking forward to many more rounds of breathless endorsements from the PP faithful before Mrs. Quayle’s protege again wrestles defeat from the jaws of victory. Should be entertaining. If she can get into a runoff with Broun she should win. (Of course, I said the same thing about her and Deal).

  2. Scott65 says:

    If she goes (somewhat) moderate…and paints Broun and the bunch as the caricature that they are appearing to be more and more (even in national press), she might win. In other words…if she runs on who she is and not what she thinks people want…she has a chance. I think republican moderates are getting so fed up with the sprint to the right that they will be more inclined to show up. Also, if there is an uncontested Democratic primary, you might see independents cross over to the republican primary. I think she would be better in a general election too.

    • Scott65 says:

      clarification…republican moderates would be more inclined to show up if there is a candidate they can get behind.

  3. Al Gray says:

    It will hurt Broun in his current district 10. Handel fared astoundingly well in the Augusta area against Deal, soundly beating old Nathan by nearly 2:1. Of particular note was that practically the entire Columbia County slate of GOP elected officials campaigned for Deal heavily, yet Handel carried the county 62%-48%.

  4. tdk790 says:

    I hope she gets in. The field right now is abysmal. Gingrey/Broun are horrible for the Republican party. No way fiscal conservatives get behind Kingston.

    The democrat comments are hilarious, everyone that’s paying attention knows that Gingrey or Broun would be remarkable for your party.

  5. political arsonist says:

    Now that Deal has proven her right with his cronyism, maybe more people will listen and vote this time.

  6. Tiberius says:

    As the only one with statewide name ID, I thought she would do better in recent polls, including yesterday’s InsideAdvantage with her 8%.

    • tdk790 says:

      That was an awful poll. Everyone else has already pointed it out.. small sample, 6% margin of error. Awful.

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