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The Done Deal Stadium Deal Is About To Be A Done Deal. The Atlanta City Council is set to vote on $100 million in bonds Thursday, the final piece of funding needed for the new retractable roof stadium for the Falcons and other sporting endeavors.

APS Indictments:  The 35 former Atlanta Public School educators began turning themselves in, preparing for their day in court.  Needless to say it’s become a media circus out there, and no media circus in Atlanta is complete without the Reverend Timothy McDonald, who joined those complaining of unfair treatment and the other usual accusations.  The Daily was a little surprised to see former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin join the verbal fray claiming the indictments have caused a “public lynch mob mentality.” The AJC has photos of the players in this drama.  The alleged ring-leader former Superintendent Beverly Hall was given bail of $200 Grand.

T-SPLOST Simulator: What Would YOU Fund? The AJC has a neat little app on their new MyAJC.com website allowing you to fund or de-fund various transportation projects. Try it, and you will soon see how much is being spent on how little we’re getting in terms of traffic relief. Spoiler Alert! Defund “Bridge Preservation” and you don’t have to make any hard choices at all.  

There Shall Be Candidates And Rumors Of Candidates. Dalton Mayor David Pennington tells the Dalton Daily Citizenhe’ll decide within 60 days if he’s going to challenge Governor Nathan Deal in the Republican Primary.  He tells the paper Deal hasn’t done anything bad but “he hasn’t done anything really good at a time when the Georgia economy has struggled much more than the national economy has.” Pennington was at the Capitol recently meeting with TEA Party leaders, thus the rumors of a run for something bigger have been percolating for some time

10th Congressional, Douglas Is First to Fall – Newton County Commissioner and former State Senator John Douglas of Social Circle is the first to drop out of the contest for the Congressional seat being vacated by US Rep. Paul Broun. Douglas’ duties as a County Commissioner and his ongoing recovery from prostate cancer will take priority, he said. But take heart, political watchers! Columbia County conservative activist Brian Slowinski is still in it!

Appropriators, Once Powerful, Now A “Dirty Word?”  Well, only if you seek to run for the US Senate and have to do so in a primary facing Phil Gingrey and Paul Broun. That’s the spot Rep Jack Kingston of Savannah finds himself in -a primary in an environment where 8 years in the Georgia House and 20 years of progressive achievement and responsibility in the US House are now liabilities to be “overcome.”

Your Capitol Building Foursquare Check-in Of The Day: Travis And Hamling’s Table.  The Daily has no idea who Travis And Hamling are nor why they have a table in the Capitol.  Further investigation is needed.

Today’s The Day!  Talk Show Host and Erstwhile Congressional Candidate Martha Zoller will make an announcement today regarding her “future in Georgia politics.”  What will she say? She’s already said she won’t run for Georgia GOP Chair.  Will she take on Congressman Doug Collins again or does she have her sights set higher?  Sometimes announcements about future announcements don’t live up to the hype.

Perdue Announces… No, Wait…  Businessman David Perdue told members of the Georgia Ports Authority he wouldbe resigning from that board, and specualtion continues that he will announce a run, for something that may rhyme with “Senate,” soon. “David who?” you ask? This guy.

​Volkswagen Eyeing Aerotropolis? What was once a Ford assembly plant in Hapeville could become an operations center for Volkswagen AG, according to the sources with information about the negotiations who talked to AJC reporter Greg Bluestein. Volkswagen, which bought sports car manufacturer Porsche, also controls the high-end Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti badges.

Civics Lesson #1 “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups.” The Lakeside City Alliance wants to perform a $30,000 feasibility study to see if another city in DeKalb County is viable, and scheduled a fundraiser at Marlow’s Restaurant on LaVista Road to pay for it. But forces opposing the creation of a city emailed their “concerns” to the restaurant and promised to boycott the establishment if the fundraiser was allowed to happen. The anti-city force is motivated and organized and apparently unafraid to use intimidation tactics. This will be a battle to watch.

Final Four Update:  The only college basketball team visiting Atlanta this weekend for the Final Four not part of basketball royalty is 9th-seeded Wichita State.  The Shockers were a bubble team a few weeks ago and now they find themselves in the National Semifinal against mighty Louisville.  Yahoo! Sports has a profile.

Georgia Gun Advocates To Give Isakson Earful – At a town hall meeting in Douglas, Georgia today from 3-4 US Senator Johnny Isakson will hear from “gun owners in South Georgia” who believe the Senator should oppose President Obama’s gun control measures at “every opportunity,” according to the Facebook page of Georgia Gun Owners.


  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    Martha’s big announcement? She’s launching a website!

    You guys couldn’t give her front-page status or something?

  2. MattMD says:

    Franklin’s comments make no sense. There is a difference between a media circus and lynch mob.

    I would have been able to make that distinction in third grade, even if did attend an APS school.

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