Robert Brooks, Final Four Player And War Veteran

Former Georgia Tech basketball player Robert Brook has been serving in the Marines since his days at Tech were over. Brooks is unique in the played in a Final Four and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. CBS Sports has a nice article about him, which is well worth your time.

When Brooks entered the military following his graduation from Georgia Tech in December 2004, it meant he was signing up for the family business. Brooks’ grandfather, stepfather and older brother served in the U.S. Army. One uncle had been a Marine. Another was a Navy Seal during the Vietnam war. So Brooks’ enlistment in the Marines was hardly a journey into the unknown. The trials he might have to face in war were a different matter altogether.

“I was concerned about his well-being,” admitted Hewitt, noting the escalation of a conflict that was in full throat nine years ago.

But his deep love of country and strong sense of duty compelled Brooks into action, and his Georgia Tech teammates supported his decision, even as the bloody conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan raged.

“I thought it was a good fit the more I thought about it,” said Marvin Lewis, the former Yellow Jackets shooting guard now working as an associate athletic director at the University of Maryland. “And I knew he’d definitely have no problem leading young 18- and 19-year-olds after everything we’d already gone through.”

Brooks arrived at Parris Island for boot camp a little more than two weeks after receiving a business management degree from Georgia Tech, firm in his resolve to do his part in serving America and protecting those desperately in need of help. Eventually he’d attend Officer Candidate School at Quantico, Va., receiving his commission as a second lieutenant in March 2007.

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  1. Lea Thrace says:

    I was friends with Robert when we were both at Tech. He is every bit of the man this article describes and more. Such a wonderful guy.

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