Press Release: Zoller To Launch Political Website

On June 14th at exactly 10:25 PM, Peach Pundit will celebrate it’s eighth anniversary. Clayton and Erick’s little blog to “cover the horse race” has grown into a thriving community. I came on board on October of that year so I guess that makes me the old man around here.

Over the last eight years we’ve seen political websites come and go. Some were left-leaning some were tilted to the right, many attempted to occupy the place in the world which we now occupy. Some were vocal about their goal of knocking us off the top of the hill. We’ve always taken the attitude that the world is a big place, certainly big enough for Peach Pundit and anyone else with a website. We realize our readers and commenters don’t spend every waking moment hitting refresh though some of you do, and you know who you are.

Last week we told you that on April 3rd Martha Zoller would make “an important announcement regarding her future in Georgia politics.” Well, today’s the day and here’s the announcement: She’s launching a political website.

From the press release:

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new website, ZPOLITICS,” said Zoller on Fox News 1340 WGAU. “We created this online hub to satisfy the desire for relevant news, smart political commentary, and sharp analysis from Georgia’s top pollsters, strategists, and grassroots activists.”

By capitalizing on her award-winning career in talk radio, Zoller’s site will provide readers with feature news reports from trusted media outlets and commentary from state and federal lawmakers, political professionals, business leaders and grassroots activists. Author of “Indivisible: Uniting Values in a Divided America” and frequent online contributor, Zoller will also write a daily column for the site entitled “Z300.”

We welcome Martha to the world of political websites and wish her success.


  1. Pamdavidson says:

    Great, Go Martha.
    And, when is the PP birthday party? You guys sure no how to party. Pam O’Dell

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