Welcome Home Conan O’Brien

Governor CocoWe at Peach Pundit would like to Welcome Conan O’Brien to Atlanta for the week.  His first show broadcast from The Tabernacle was excellent last night, and it was incredibly gratifying for Mr. O’Brien to recognize the contribution girl’s high school volleyball has meant to the sports culture of our state.

While the Final Four is ostensibly the reason for Conan to set up shop here, we understand there is a larger, more personal reason for the visit.  We have learned that Mr. O’Brien is looking for his long lost family.  As always, we’re here to help.

Though I’m not sure where the rest of his modern day relatives are living, we do know from whom they descended.  After all, we’re not a state to forget out our former Governors*, and Conan’s family is no different.

The picture above is currently hanging in the Georgia Governor’s mansion.  It is not actually of Conan O’Brien, but is instead former Governor Stephen Heard who briefly served in the position from 1780-1781.  (NBC execs must have been running the state back then).

I would have invited Conan over to see it, but – surprisingly – I too have not been invited over to the mansion in a while.  It seems as if the current occupant thinks I’m a bit of a fire hazard.  Anyhow…

We again welcome you to the state, and hope you spend your week finding the rest of the members of the Heard family.


*unless they were installed by Republican carpetbaggers during Reconstruction.  We like to say “Forget Hell!” around here.  That period was hell, and those governors are best forgotten.


  1. Baker says:

    Was first in line this morning at 5:00 am in front of the Tabernacle for standby seats. Apparently a decent number of standby folks got in yesterday so we’re all but guaranteed a spot*.

    Who has a Stephen Heard poster I can take to the show? Good catch by whoever pointed this out.

    *knock on wood

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