Morning Reads – April Fool’s Day

It’s the day of the fish in France. Bunch of smelly frenchies.

How could I not talk about the APS scandal? This is the perfect situation where we must ensure harsh punishments are dealt. We can’t let kids think cheating is acceptable. Education related–but on a happier note–Houston County is set to make big changes in their elementary schools gifted program.

Our state has to be concerned with concussions in youth sports. 44th in the nation is not acceptable. We have to protect the children, even if it means attacking football.

Another issue we need to be tackling: domestic violence. Check out this report on fatalities.

Newnan is planning for Georgia Cities Week. Sounds like some fun activities.

Child killed south of Savannah by pack of pit bulls.

Three Georgia family members killed at Kentucky-Tennessee border in car accident; the accident is still under investigation.

More on the Georgia Southern to the Sun Belt move. You know, the real GSU in the Sun Belt. Oh, they hired a new basket ball coach, too.

The Brunswick baby shooting story just gets more and more weird. City official now under arrest.

And in true trend-setting fashion, Erick Erickson announced he’ll be joining the Georgia Democratic Party to “tear it down from the inside.” Erickson, our former “Dear Leader,” further stated: “We’re going to go all General Sherman on those lib’ral commie pinkos.” In response, James Carville has announced he is going to run for President of the United States as a Libertarian, citing the increasing need for Hillary to just “go away.”

For those of you needing to make weekend plans, come on down to Pondtown.

Music for today, beware your wifi.



  1. Dave Bearse says:

    The kinder gentler GOP lasted what, two weeks? I figured it wouldn’t last, but so soon after the Preibus memo? It doesn’t matter, because changing the words and spin, and not the message and policy, wasn’t going to work anyway.

    Don Young (R-AK) referring to immigrant farm labor as wetbacks: (~15 seconds) Thank goodness it was only a nobody Rep from a safe boondocks seat, and not Limbaugh, or Boehner would now be apologizing Limbaugh for objecting to the reference.

    What’s with the GOP affectation for idiot doctors? Dr.Ben Carson, the GOP’s newest heartthrob, shows he’s tone deaf right out of the gate in comparing gay marriage to bestiality and pedophilia (1 minute): Just for good measure Sean Hannity piles on with incest and polygamy.

    All that’s left is to insult women and the 47% and then return to what’s already been demonstrated won’t work: Sarah Palin. Here’s the Palin PAC new couple minute video: It concludes with Palin saying, “The next election is 20 months away. The last thing we need is Washington, D.C. vetting our candidates.” Who should do the vetting if not D.C.? The next clip in the video is Ted Cruz saying that Sarah Palin put him in the U.S. Senate. Evidently the answer is none other than the candidate the GOP didn’t vet in 2008: Sarah Palin herself.

    • John Konop says:

      The GOP which should be pushing for real reform in entitlement spending ie chained CPI, intelligent infastructure spending, tax reform for middle class over special interest………instead they are caught in an echo chamber of spewing hate…..Memo: calling on adult leadership in the GOP! The Dems are winning via default in many tight elections…….this safe district strategy will be a major back eye on the GOP, and the country…….the purity movement will overtime cost the GOP the house in the next presidential cycle……the joke is Rush, Palin……will keep making major cash off their bs……..fools parade……….

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Palin is responsible for Ted Cruz in the Senate? That’s awesome.

      The Dixie Chick should have saved the “embarrassment to our State” comments for this turd. Palin responsible, huh? Glad GA didn’t listen to Palin when she came to Buckhead.

  2. Ed says:

    Dude, Ron, the *real* GSU announced it was joining the Sun Belt months ago.

    The fake, Johnny-come-lately GSU made the announcement last week.

    Try to keep up.

    • Ellynn says:

      I made the cake from your reads last week Ed for a party on Sat as I noted I was planning to do. BIG hit. It made the Marquette lose easier to deal with that day…

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Georgia Southern will whoop Georgia State in their first football game. Badly.

      Georgia Tech is too scared to play the Eagles. They have never wanted to prepare for that offense for only one game per year. That’s the one good thing I have to say about Georgia football: they’ll play the in-state, smaller school.

      • Ed says:

        “Georgia Southern will whoop Georgia State in their first football game. Badly.”

        I predict GSU will win (see what I did there?)

        Seriously though, you didn’t make a particularly bold prediction there, Southern has a better framework than GSU, even though the Panthers are the premier powerhouse in the state, ATM.

      • peachstealth says:

        Tech has a game scheduled with Southern in 2015. That may change now but I hope not. Southern’s 1-A opponents for the next 4 years are Florida in 2013, LSU in 2014, Tech in 2015 and UGA in 2016. I suppose all, but the Florida game, are subject to change now.
        GATA Eagles.

      • Mr. Boblaw,

        Do you follow Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech football? They play the exact same offense. Paul Johnson coached at Georgia Southern with Jeff Monken, Georgia Southern’s football coach, as his assistant coach. Monken also coached under Johnson at Georgia Tech. This relationship is what set up their game in 2015.

        Recently, the SEC has been scheduling SoCon teams for their FCS games, hence Georgia Southern’s upcoming games against Florida, LSU, and UGA and their recent games with Alabama and UGA.

  3. Michael Silver says:

    Today’s Fool is Senator Cecil Staton, the majority leader of “Crew Cagle”

    In a bit of revisionist rewriting, Ms. Merkleson claims that the gun bill didn’t pass this year because of games played by the House. She wrote, er He, wrote the following on his facebook page:

    “On the final day of the session, all three senate conferees signed off on one of the most significant 2nd amendment rights bill in Georgia history. Our house colleagues played games with us and refused to sign our bill, backed by NRA, until the clock ran out last night. Work on this bill and our protection of the 2nd amendment is never over.”

    I’m confident everyone else present knows fingers need to be pointed at Gov. Deal, Lt.Gov Cagle, and Beth herself. Beth left the Capitol before Sine Die making passage of any bill harder.

  4. David C says:

    Sue Everhart, apparently thinking I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry was a documentary:

    “You may be as straight as an arrow, and you may have a friend that is as straight as an arrow. Say you had a great job with the government where you had this wonderful health plan. I mean, what would prohibit you from saying that you’re gay, and y’all get married and still live as separate, but you get all the benefits? I just see so much abuse in this it’s unreal.”

    — Georgia Republican Party Chairwoman Sue Everhart, quoted by the Marietta Daily Journal, arguing against same-sex marriage.

    • Maybe someone could run a Brideshare program to get state benefits – all you have to do is find one lesbian state employee per gay state employee and they can each legally marry the others partners and start sharing the benefits. If anyone accidentally gets pregnant in the ordeal so much the better!

    • Scott65 says:

      Like a non-homosexual person couldn’t do the same thing…also…like gay men and women haven’t married each other (faux str8) for years to get benefits…that comment was stupid squared

    • Scott65 says:

      oh…and thats not an April Fool comment…just Sue being a fool to make such a stupid comment

      • drjay says:

        i just saw that , and was thinking, wow is this an april fools thing, or maybe she rented that adam sandler/kevin james movie over the weekend…

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