GAGOP Round-up: Sine Die May Be Done, But This Race Ain’t

Happy Easter!  For those of us who follow Christ, this day is of great importance of the biblical drama: the Resurrection.  The grave couldn’t hold Jesus.  Death has been defeated; His grace and righteousness have been imputed to those who have believed.

Here are a few updates from our candidates vying for the top spots in the state Republican Party (please note, I only post in the order that I receive them or remember what I received.  If you’re a candidate for one of these offices, feel free to email me.)

Seth Harp has his weekly email update:

Seth Harp – The Reagan Dinner. To Honor the Grassroots.

I am excited to attend the Georgia Republican President’s Day Dinnertonight and I applaud Chairman Sue Everhart and the staff for their hard work on a successful event.
Moving forward, though, I plan to initiate a major change regarding the Georgia Republican Party and special dinners.
President’s Day was created to be a dinner by which the state party secured a speaker usually reserved for high dollar donor events and invited grassroots activists and leaders to a special night as a thank you for their leadership in the Georgia Republican Party.
The reality is, over a number of years, President’s Day has moved away from that original intent to an event where the base ticket cost is $250 and then goes up to $750 – or more.
I understand and I support having an event where our business partners generously support the Georgia Republican Party. It is critically important to the success of our candidates and I assure everyone that I will continue Presidents Day Dinners in their current format.
However, I will establish the Reagan Dinner.
The Reagan Dinner will be true to the intent of the original Presidents Day Dinner. It will be a priority for me to have the Georgia Republican Party secure high level speakers (I have committed to invite Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz) to the Reagan Dinner and offer tickets at cost (and below $50) to grassroots Georgia Republicans.
It is time the Georgia Republican Party returned to the practice of doing something to show our respect for the grassroots.
Additionally, I will work to secure sponsored tickets for our College Republicans and Teenage Republicans. As a former College Republican, I know almost any cost is too much as one is young and volunteering for the Republican Party.
Again, we will keep President’s Day – no one appreciates our business partners more than I do. However, I don’t accept we have to make a choice. We can have two dinners.
I look forward to future successful President’s Day and Reagan Dinners.
With Seth Harp – the grassroots will be respected.
Join me and Keep Georgia RED.

All the best,

Seth Harp

I was certainly glad to see B.J. VanGundy at our Peach Pundit Road Show this past Wednesday.  I didn’t have time to catch up with him one-on-one since I was in a couple of rounds of pool with Jessica S., Ed, and Eric the Younger (for the record, Ed has plenty of interesting and funny stories of which I’m sure most are partially, somewhat, and mostly not true).

John Padgett has a radio interview on his Facebook page on Greg William’s web radio show, but the link isn’t on the page. However Alex Johnson’s interview is up there.  Check here to see if goes up there.

I’m also hearing that Shawn Hanley *might* be jumping into the GAGOP Chairman’s race.  Nothing confirmed, but the rumor is out there.