State and Local Working Together

So a friend of mine shared this story with me thinking that this sort of program, I believe he called it “local government efficiency,” needed a bit of sunshine.

The quick and dirty is that Southeast Bulloch High School needed some new instruments for their three time grand championship marching band. Courtesy of a state surplus program they were able to save a little less than $50,000 when compared to buying the instruments new.

This kind of program seems to be a good idea to me. One state agency (I’m presuming a National Guard Unit) no longer had need for their inventory and the Department of Administrative Services took over and was able to transfer those instruments to a high school that needed them and would make good use of them.

Now these students have good instruments to learn on and to play in competition and the local government/ school didn’t have to divert a whole lot of money from other programs. It seems like a win-win to me.


  1. So much government waste going around, it’s good to see an instance where local government makes smart decisions to save money AND do what’s best for the kids! Very cool! Thanks for sharing Eric!

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