Sine Die Open Thread

A deal on gift caps (I’m not planning on calling this ethics reform anymore as it doesn’t address the actual ethical problems we’re dealing with at the dome) has been reached.  Lobbyists can’t pay more than $75 per sitting to a legislator.  Details still forthcoming – and by details we of course mean loopholes.

In that same bill, “citizen activists” will not have to register as lobbyists if they are unpaid and not reimbursed more than $250 of expenses from the organizations they represent.  Good job “some of you” for making this debate about you instead of the items needed to add independence and elected officials’ accountability to our ethics code.  This is an opportunity missed.

The gun bill appears stalled over campus carry.  May stay that way per various twitter reports.

Ban on abortion coverage in state employee insurance plans may not come to term either.

The Senate just passed something dealing with online pornography but I’m sure the fine print outlaws Peach Pundit.

We’ll leave the rest of Sine Die coverage for now to this OPEN THREAD:


  1. Harry says:

    It doesn’t seem that very much significant is being accomplished, other than protecting and advancing as quietly as possible the usual special interests. Of course, they can’t begin to measure up to Congress and the federal executive.

  2. cheapseats says:

    The only good thing to come out of this session of the General Assembly was for them to *almost* undo the stupidest thing they did in the last session. (some of the motor vehicle and T-SPLOST lunacy)

    But, maybe there is one more thing – just heard that the bill allowing grocery stores to sell beer and wine close to a college campus has passed. Not sure how accurate that is but that’s what I hear reported.

    I still don’t know why we even have a General Assembly in Georgia…well, I know why but I don’t know why we continue with it since it has clearly done nothing to serve the people of this state in a very, very long time.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “I still don’t know why we even have a General Assembly in Georgia…well, I know why but I don’t know why we continue with it since it has clearly done nothing to serve the people of this state in a very, very long time.”

      …+ 10,000,000 (+1 for all 10 million of those Georgians who continue to be underserved by their often self-serving state legislature)

      • Three Jack says:

        cheapseats, We have a legislature as a jobs program for lobbyists and the places they spend money on the prostitutes posing as public servants. Just imagine all the waiters/waitresses/strippers and other assorted service folks who would not have work the first quarter of a given year if not for our esteemed legislators.

        • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

          “Just imagine all the waiters/waitresses/strippers and other assorted service folks who would not have work the first quarter of a given year if not for our esteemed legislators.”

          …Under the unimaginable scenario you describe, many strip clubs would likely have to close during the winter while the escort services industry would likely be completely decimated, which means that the legislature does serve a legitimate purpose after all. Thanks for the positive insight, TJ!

  3. mountainpass says:

    The great 2A supporter Sen. Frank Ginn has decided that all license holders must be government mandated to get training. So says the AJC. Thanks Frank!

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      I just wanna know one thing: Will the armed criminals who violently rob un-armed college students at gunpoint on the state’s campuses also be mandated to get the same 8 hours of safety training as license holders?

      • Michael Silver says:

        Senator Ginn is no friend of the Second Amendment. He is no friend of the Bill of Rights.

        He shares the same position about gun-control as President Obama. Its shameful how he and Lt. Gov Cagle has obstructed HB512/SB101.

        Gingrey, Ginn, Cagle, one has to wonder if Republicans know they are supposed to be supportive of gun-rights.

        • mountainpass says:

          Lori Geary has tweeted that the senate hasn’t given a time for conference committee to meet in 24 hours.

          • Michael Silver says:

            Frank Ginn was one of the nine turncoat republicans that along side the Democrats supported Cagle getting his power back.

            In 2011, he proposed an amendment to SB102 that would exempt Legislators from Georgia’s gun laws. That amendment passed and his handiwork is shown on line 695 of the bill:

            Senator Ginn is not just a turncoat, he is an elitist as well.

            • mountainpass says:

              On cue:

              Clery Act Safety Alert
              Attempted Robbery

              Incident Date/Time: March 28, 2013, at approximately 8:00 p.m.

              Incident Location: Tenth Street, NW between Holly Street, NW and Fowler Street, NW near Turner Broadcasting Studios

              Incident Description: A student reported that he was walking on Tenth Street, NW when three male suspects approached him from behind. The suspects attempted to take the victim’s iPad but he was able to hold on to it. The suspects fled the area on foot headed eastbound towards Interstate 75/85. There were no injuries reported.

              Description of Suspects:

              Suspect 1:
              Black male
              Purple shirt
              Light khaki pants

              Suspect 2:
              Black male
              Purple shirt
              Dark khaki pants

              Suspect 3:
              Black male
              Blue or black shirt
              Dark jeans

                • mountainpass says:

                  Cecil Staton left early so that the Senate would not be able to vote to suspend rules, since Ginn waited to deal with less than an hour left. I will speak about this in 2 weeks….and beyond!!!

                  • mountainpass says:

                    I wonder if Sen Staton leaving early as to not have a 2/3rds senate was part of the settlement:


                    [quote]In an update to a story 13WMAZ first reported more than a year ago, documents show Georgia Southern University and a company co-owned by State Senator Cecil Staton are close to reaching a deal.

                    In 2011, the university ended a contract with Georgia Eagle Media to broadcast the school’s sports events, saying the company owed them about $53,000.

                    Documents obtained through an open records request from the Georgia Southern Office of Legal Affairs outline what took place at mediation between Georgia Southern and Georgia Eagle Media.


  4. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    The whole session was all retch and no vomit in my opinion.

    Of course no one is running for anything yet, most of this is just tee-d up for next session.

  5. Charlie says:

    The gift caps bill has passed the House and Senate unanimously. I’m going to have an Easter weekend before I start asking what is the penalty to a legislator who takes a gratuity in excess of these caps, and what exactly is the process for holding these folks accountable.

  6. JeffHaffley says:

    I was at the capitol last year and this year, and all I can say is; Oh for the Williams/Rogers days.

  7. Rambler14 says:

    1st year post-TSPLOST is complete.

    No Plan B presented from the Tea Party.
    Sen. Albers’ bill to remove the TSPLOST-penalty goes nowhere.

    I’m completely shocked.

    • Charlie says:

      I tweeted as I sat on GA-400 for over an hour between 285 and downtown yesterday that I was thinking about all the legislators who told us if we would just vote against TSPLOST they would make transportation their #1 priority this year.

      Chief among them was Chip Rogers. He’s now getting paid $150,000 tax dollars more than I do to blog.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        You have the right to remain silent if you were texting and driving. Anything you say can and will be held against you.

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