Morning Reads for Thursday, March 28

Good morning!  Any good stories from happy hour(s) last night??  My little brother’s birthday dinner was scheduled for the exact same time as the PP Road Show.  I chose the event with cake and babies – sorry I missed you guys :/

house techIt’s Sine Die! (That’s “see-na deeyay” or “sigh-nee dyee“).  If you want to watch the end of it from home, here are the House and Senate feeds.

From the PP Daily (I really like this): The House of Representatives uses a legislation comparison tool that’s available to any Rep to compare side-by-side screens of what the House sent to the Senate, and what the Senate sent back. Screenshot to the right.





  1. Ed says:

    “I chose the event with cake and babies – sorry I missed you guys :/”

    I thought you said you skipped the Road Show?

    “It’s Sine Die! (That’s “see-na deeyay” or “sigh-nee dyee“).”

    Neither of these is correct, actually. the “-ie” is a diphthong making it closer to “SIGHnah die”

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Good Gawd. Larry O’Neal, the guy who surreptitiously provided his friend-neighbor-client Perdue a retroactive $100,000 tax break, is on the Ethics Bill conference committee?

    Yeah, we can rest easy that a guy averaging nearly $8,000 a year in lobbyists gifts will plug gift-giving loopholes in conference committee. That is as soon as he’s finished being snippy to a lobbyist representing groups that seek to limit gifts. Bet O’Neal’s not so snippy to the lobbyists paying him off with gifts. Jim Walls:

    There’s an undercurrent of nastiness within the GOP, but it’s good that few Peach Pundit commenters are of the GOP Presidential debate “Let Him Die” variety. No doubt more independents will be turned off to the GOP after learning a former GOP state executive director with 36,000 twitter followers tweets to an anti-war Iraq war veteran activist: “You are an Iraq veteran? Shame you didn’t come home in a body bag.”

    This 80 second clip is best one I’ve seen this month. I think most conservatives will find it inspiring too:

    • Bob Loblaw says:

      Notwithstanding the total threadjack that this entry is (which hopefully is enforced with the same vigor seen towards other similar entries), I find it hilarious that you would offer a defense of the lobbyist who O’Neal was “snippy” with. This same lobbyist, a guy like you said who is “for ethics” or whatever, stood before the House Committee this Session and bragged about how he broke the Ethics laws of this State, calling his own behavior “gaming the system”.

      Gaming the system. By your “ethics lobbyist”. That’s rich.

      You will see an Ethics bill pass today. Maybe the “ethics lobbyist” will follow the law this time.

      • Give me a break, Blob. I was there. William Perry didn’t brag about anything. Ed Lindsey was the one who dropped in to the hearing and did his best to bully William into admitting that his actions constituted gaming the system. It’s more accurate to say that William was testing the system that legislators had created the year before, without allowing amendments, a system that Common Cause and others had said was flawed and could be exploited. A system, I might add, that Ed’s fingerprints were all over. Ed told me matter-of-factly in 2011 that he had worked through the weekend with Tommie Williams’ people, since that year’s ethics bill had already crossed over to the Senate, to “perfect” the definition of a lobbyist that was then supposedly “gamed.”

        I know some House members act all pissed off about how William handled that, but the fact is that legislators game the system all the time. Hell, they create the system, making sure their lawyers sign off on it ahead of time. I call them up for my Transparency Project profiles and they tell me why they didn’t have to disclose that particular business, or piece of property, or payment from a state agency. (They’re usually wrong, by the way.) Or how they can pick and choose which donations to refund from one campaign account, even if they have to go back 12 years to do it, so they can be sure the money will be donated to their new campaign committee. Or how they don’t have to disclose a consulting business that was paid $40,000 to advise an arts group how to get a sales tax bill through the Legislature.

        Some folk tell me that’s just how the game is played. I don’t see why anyone would regard this as a game.

      • Charlie says:

        By established rule and practice every morning read thread is an open thread and open to the topics chosen by our commenting community.

        • Ed says:

          Everyone, now you know it is safe to discuss how awesome I am–but only in the Morning Reads.


          • Lea Thrace says:

            something something something the Great and Powerful Ed something.

            (When do I get paid? :-D)

          • Ellynn says:

            You are so awesume you will be pulling for my favorate Jesuit hoops team to Beat Miami tonight!!!!

            Go Golden Eagles!!!

      • Dave Bearse says:

        How am I defending Perry?

        Come on Bob, the barb was all about O’Neal. You’re much much better than stooping to straw men (and I sincerely mean that as a compliment).

        And I’m following Charlie’s lead. It’s gift cap legislation.

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