Cardinale/Atlanta Progressive News Wins Supreme Court Case Over City Of Atlanta

Kudos for one of the little guys – with no formal legal training – in winning a Supreme Court case of the City of Atlanta with regard to their improper handling of open meetings.  From the Daily Report:

Matthew Cardinale, the 31-year-old webmaster and main reporter for the Atlanta Progressive News website, was beaming last week as he entered the Fulton County Courthouse to file his notice of dismissal.

In 2010, Cardinale filed suit against the city arguing that members of the City Council violated the state Open Meetings Act by failing to record the names and votes of members during a retreat in 2010.

Arguing his own case, Cardinale failed to persuade a Fulton County judge and the Georgia Court of Appeals that the law mandated that such votes be recorded, but in February 2012 a narrowly divided Georgia Supreme Court agreed with Cardinale, earning praise from state Attorney General Sam Olens and other open government advocates.

Better yet, Cardinale managed to get a scholarship out of his journey:

Cardinale’s foray into the legal field whetted his appetite for more, and he said he was recently awarded a full scholarship to attend law school at Gonzaga University, a Jesuit college in Spokane, Washington.

“I’m going to continue Atlanta Progressive News from afar for the next three years,” said Cardinale, who plans to start classes in August. “This will help me help other people, and be a more effective advocate when it comes to public policy, because people write terrible laws — not just substantively bad, but they’re also written terribly.”

Well done sir.  Don’t be a stranger.

H/T Dale Russell

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  1. Rick Day says:

    Today, Google: Laura Miller, investigative reporter, Dallas TX

    in 10 years, Google: Matthew Cardinale, Mayor of Atlanta

    you guys know I’m seldom wrong in predicting the future *cough*football*cough

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