Bob Barr Makes It Official – He’s Back

Bob Barr made his candidacy for the 11th Congressional District official today.  The former 11th District Congressman and former candidate for U.S. Senate, 7th District of Congress, and President (as a Libertarian) believes he is the outsider that is needed to change Washington.  To his credit, he did decide against the run for Georgia’s 14th Congressional district last year.  That might have been a bit much.

Despite never having gone away, Barr wants you to know he’s back:

Stepping onto the podium in front of a wall lined with big game trophy  mounts, Barr said his campaign manager wanted him to ask the crowd to turn their  cell phones off.

“I want you to leave those phones on,” Barr said. “I want you to leave those  Blackberries on, those iPADs, those Samsungs, whatever they are, because I want  you while I’m talking – and I will take no offense to this – to tweet and send  messages to everyone you know that help is on the way! We’re here! We’re  back!”

Click that link up there and you can see an authentic deer head.  That should let you know that Bob Barr is one of you.  Or something.

Oh, and in case I didn’t mention it, he’s back.


  1. IndyInjun says:

    Bob wasn’t one of me when he ran as a Libertarian.

    Oh dear, that isn’t an authentic deer head, it is an anti-lope. Does this mean we must lope along without hope, except for Broun, who indeed has the authenticity to stand with God-made, sho’ nuff Georgia whitetails?

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