Just one more step for Home brewers.

Home brewers unite! Yesterday the Senate passed HB99. We are one step closer to Georgia being on par with the feds. Soon, we may also be able to host our own competitions instead of going to Tennessee or the Carolinas.

Just for perspective for those that aren’t home brewers, the current limit is 50 gallons a year in Georgia. For your average beginner that equates to only 10 batches a year. So you only get to brew about once a month.

The federal statute, and the current proposed changes, allows home brewers to make up to 100 gallons a year and up to 200 gallons a year if there are at least two people in the house that are of age.

Why does that make a difference? If you compete in homebrew competitions, they are awesome by the way, you often need to bring a six pack for the judges. Though, this amount can vary depending on the competition. Depending on how often you compete, or have family over, you can go through your stash pretty quick.

All for Brew, and Brew for All.


  1. Ed says:

    Just to be clear, does anyone actually follow the 50-gallon restriction out of fear for the law rather than practical considerations (where to store beer, having the time to brew etc)? How does the state enforce said restriction?

    • EllisArnall says:

      Home brewer here. No, there is virtually no way to enforce this. I don’t even keep track of how much I brew, yet I am confident I am already over the 50 gallon mark for 2013 already. And I still plan to brew plenty more this year.


    • Eric The Younger says:

      I’m sure there is an enforcement mechanism but as to its strength and efficacy, it’s weak. At the moment, I can’t think of which department would have primary jurisdiction. I try to keep to the legal limit but as EllisArnall pointed out, a lot of home brewers don’t keep track and don’t really care.

  2. SteveMorris says:

    Curious, of what difference does it make to the State or Feds how much beer I brew?

    We could have thousands of fewer laws if we were taxed according to how much ‘Gov’t’ we used. If you benefit, you pay. If you don’t benefit, you don’t pay.

    All these ‘laws’ are created to Control and Tax the population.

  3. As a Republican, home brewer and hopeful full scale “brewer”, I am pleased that the House and Senate have shown the wisdom to pass this bill and I will go brew up a Belgian Tripel in honor of its passage.

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