Want To Watch Phil Gingrey Make An Announcement?

As of tomorrow, Paul Broun should be a little less lonely in his quest for the U.S. Senate:

MEDIA ADVISORY: Gingrey to hold news conference at Georgia Tech

Following an announcement in Augusta, Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D., will hold a news conference tomorrow at Georgia Tech, where he earned his undergraduate degree.

WHEN: Wednesday, March 27, at 2:30 p.m.

WHERE: Georgia Tech Tower lawn

We know what will be said.  Gingrey is in the race for U.S. Senate.  But is he presuming that the UGA vote will be divided so he wants to have a unified Georgia Tech Block?  Is this an overture to win the heart and mind of Buzz Brockway?  Feel free to discuss all things U.S. Senate below.


  1. Scott65 says:

    Ok…so we will now have TWO highly flawed candidates for the Republican side of the ticket…dont forget, these guys aren’t running in their well tailored districts. They have to run statewide. I’m not sure how much they comprehend that

    • I think they’d both do rather well in rural Georgia. Gingrey should do well in Cobb. Remember, they only have to win the R primary. Chances of a D winning the general at the moment are fairly slim, though I suppose there are a couple of potential candidates that would have a slight chance.

  2. MattMD says:

    I wish Saxby would have served another term, I don’t find the current crop of presumptive nominees very inspiring.

  3. sunkawakan says:

    Expect Will the Winner to get into some race after this announcement. And possibly Loudermilk.

    • Noway says:

      Loudermilk would be great. Because his soul is the only one pure enough to draft a slave apology from the legislature, then how hard can getting elected to the US Senate be?

  4. Noway says:

    I am a little worried that if Gingrey announces, that Broun might feel a little upstaged and left out. What can he do? What can he do? How ’bout sticking his hand in that there Snake Box and bring out some of them serpents to appease those he made his “Pits of Hail” remarks to?

  5. gchidi says:

    I’m a Georgia Tech grad. I would rather light my voter registration card on fire and snort the ashes Bolivian style than cast a ballot for him. But Tech trends pretty conservative, relative to most schools.

    Not so conservative that they’re going to overlook the “pit of hell” reference to evolution. But still.

  6. Chris says:

    So he’s announcing using the Tech Shaft as his backdrop? What’s that say about what he plans to do in office?

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