Morning Reads For Tuesday, March 26th

Good Morning from Lovely Austin, Texas (not pictured)! Morning Reads after the jump:


  • Obama’s Speech In Israel has 5 Excerpts You Should Read (NPR)
  • Every Great Star Wars Movie has 75 things you need (Wired)
  • Google’s asperity and lost commitment to verity (The Economist)
    Why the Rich Don’t Give to Charity (The Atlantic)
  • How Franklin Roosevelt Secretly Ended the The Dollar’s Connection to Gold (Echoes)
  • Ending its multiplication of departments, Twitter now seeks to unfold  (All Things D)
  • What the 100 years of the Federal tax exemption for municipal bond interest implies (Govtrack)
  • How Ian Fleming picked actual spies (BBC)
  • Chinese Children Ignoring Confucius risk becoming a defendant (Bloomberg)
  • Australia’s richest billionaire and her ascendant (The New Yorker)
  • Southeast Asia’s ramifications for fracking (The Diplomat)
  • The Lock Pickers and ancient safe cracking (Slate)


  • A tale of two Georgia counties’ health (11Alive)
  • On Cowsert, Roundabouts and Creating Downtown Wealth(Flagpole)
  • Movie studio set for some Effing action (SavannahNow)
  • Deal’s plan to get more state control over local school districts gains traction (AJC)
  • Tybee’s mayor apologizes for not having an open meeting (SavannahNow)
  • Hope rollback clears the Senate, expects a warm House greeting (atlbizchron)
  • AP Capitol Roundup includes guns for maybe-crazies (AlbanyTimesUnion)
  • Georgia’s kids tip the scales (bunch of lazies) (onlineathens)

Bonus 3:

  • We Aren’t the World: Shaking the psychology and economics foundations (Pacific Standard)
  • Belgian mathematician rewarded for albegra (nature)
  • New Georgia App built to give Wonky stats (AtlBizChron)





  1. Ed says:

    “Bonus 3” AKA: ran out of rhyme.
    You could have done it, if you had more time
    in the day.
    What can I say?

    What a fantastic ballpark that was (side note: this is the final Tuesday without baseball until the Fall!) and really, Atlanta was a gorgeous city….sigh.

    • bgsmallz says:

      Sidenote that probably a lot of you know…there was a Magnolia tree that was in centerfield at Ponce De Leon Park (pronounced Ponce Da Lee-on) which actually is still standing behind the Whole Foods along what is now the Beltline’s Eastside trail. There used to be a plaque at the bottom of the tree. [side note to the side note…there was also a natural spring located on the current site of the Sears building that was an early attraction (1860s…presumably late 1860s..) for recreation in Atlanta…that’s where the park and the road derived their names from…]

  2. xdog says:

    Thanks for a good rhyming newsday, Stefan, although I may have gone with ‘maybe-battys’ and ‘bunch of fatties’. Purely pre-coffee meanness.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    My own reads:

    The bubble is intact. Gary Bauer tells Fox’s Chris Wallace that polls that decidedly indicate most Americans are now supportive of gays being allowed to marry are skewed:

    Speaking of gay rights, Portman illustrates the GOP’s gay rights Catch-22: gay rights supporters think him a hypocrite, and the base thinks he’s unprincipled:

    Wingnut Allan West may be gone, but Ted Cruz is more than filling the void. Cruz told the Dallas News that Obama doesn’t want immigration reform legislation, but rather a wedge issue. In the next breath Cruz says he’s opposed to immigration legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship. And Cruz couldn’t even bring himself to answer no when asked “Is [Joe} McCarthy someone you admire?”

    Bonus quote from the Daily Beast on an ethics investigation on the campaign of Tea Party former GOP front runner for President Michele Bachman:

    “She doesn’t use the most credible sources,” explains one former staffer, detailing Bachmann’s reliance on stories from the conspiracy-peddling WorldNetDaily to shape her worldview, “and she tends to listen to the last person who talks to her.”

    Bachmann as a member of the House Intelligence Committee rivals Broun on the Space, Science and Technology Committee.

    • Scott65 says:

      Cruz has also pledged to filibuster ANY gun control legislation…background checks, weapon bans, anything. He might as well go spit in the eye of the parents of the children gunned down while in school…it would be the next logical step for the publicity whore that he has become

      • Noway says:

        I support Cruz 100%. The deaths in Colorado, Sandy Hook, Colombine or others were the result of mentally unstable people. Those deaths are tragic but not one of them warrrents putting limits on our 2nd Amendment rights. Not one. Spitting in the face of the parents? Really, Scott?
        I know, let’s ban flying and airplanes. After all, it was airplanes that were used as a tool or instrument of death on 911. Are we spitting in the face of those who were killed by airplanes? Crazy people can be very creative in killing people. Prosecute those that commit these horrible acts but leave our constitutional freedoms alone. Let’s ban booze. The number of drunk driving fatalities dwarfs any deaths related to murders by guns. We don’t want to hoc a lunger in their faces as well, do we?

  4. saltycracker says:

    Israel/Palestine: Time to get over awards and speeches and start drawing some lines in the sand.
    The hills to climb are the strategic areas lost when attacked and maybe considering Jerusalem as an international city.

    The rich/charity link told all in the headline as the idea was other (smarter ?) nations looked more to their government in lieu of charities, the rich love their museums and the poor love their “prosperity pastors”.

    If playing the lottery could get factored in as school charitable giving, the % spread would grow.

  5. JayJacket says:

    Kind of surprised this didn’t make the daily headlines. Or is that because it’s getting its own thread?

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