Morning Reads 3/25/2013

Good Monday Morning and welcome to Morning Reads where you can hear about the goin’s on and what-not over the weekend and such.

Two Georgia teens arrested for killing baby; welcome to the latest shooting scandal.

It’s no secret that the Georgia congressional delegation is split over who will be Senator.

The Warner Robins Museum of Aviation is getting rid of about 1/3 of their planes.

Prisoner homicide is on the rise. And some people wonder why we lock some people up . . .

Will KSU’s football team be running the option?

How to Pack a Whole Lot of Work Into Three Days; the end of the legislative session draws nigh.

Gucci Mang–I don’t know who that is–is involved in an alleged assault in Georgia.

Augusta NEEDS Medicaid expansion. An interesting article. Feel free to argue the points.

Georgia pharmacy is in trouble with the FDA.

Georgia-Pacific spending 400 million in upgrades and contesting an environmental report that indicates their facilities cause illnesses. At least they are polluting elsewhere.

I’m sorry for missing last week. My laptop died. I’m working on getting a new one. This song is relevant.


  1. Harry says:

    Recent movie releases featuring Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan are badly choking in theaters. When will they ever learn.

      • David C says:

        Yeah, this is her first real box office disappointment. And people hiring Lohan now are mostly people making a bad movie on a budget of whatever they found in a box in the garage and desperately want publicity of any kind.

      • Ed says:

        +1 Also this role is a bit of a departure for TF.

        LL ,on the other hand, such a wasted talent. The NYTimes article about her and the making of the movie is fantastic. The movie needed a ton of things to go right and none of them really did. Oh well.

  2. Ellynn says:

    WTOC has some great interviews and follow up reporting on the shotting in of the 13 month old in Brunswick.

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