Martha Zoller Has An Announcement…

But she doesn’t want to tell us what it us until April 3rd.

It is “an important announcement regarding my future in Georgia politics” according to an email from her.

So….come back next week or tell us in the comments what this means.


  1. Replace Herman with Erick, move Martha into Erick’s current evening slot? Listening to her filling in for Erick right now, she said something along the lines of wanting to stay on the radio for the rest of her life.

    • Joshua Morris says:

      I listen all the time. Radio is not worth paying for IMO, when I can get local info for free. Glad Boortz is gone, but Cain struggles to keep me interested sometimes. Erick is usually on for my ride home from work.

      • Baker says:

        I agree, why pay for radio when it’s there for free? I don’t have that long a commute so I could see that making a big difference.

        Erick is pretty good. I really enjoy WGKA from noon-onwards.

          • The lack of local programming probably makes a huge difference. I listen to more over the air stations than my truck has presets for on FM. I’ve got a rather short commute (comparatively) to and from work, so even at $8 per month (plus the cost of equipment) it’s not really worth it to me at this point in time. If I spent more time on the road it might be a different story.

            • I have Sirius. While Sirius and XM are the same company, they have different programming. There is a Fox News Channel, CNN, HLN (Headline news), MSNBC, NPR, and several other political talk stations that range from the right to moderate to the left. The Fox News Channel is a broadcast of the TV, so you have Hannity, Greta, O’Reilly, etc. CNN has the evening (5 – 11) shows with Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, and the others.

              The channel lineup can be found at

              Scroll down to Channel 114 and you will see the various stations. If you click on the number, it will pull up the speakers and such.

                  • Awesome, I’ll check it out, thanks! 😉

                    I probably should have clarified – on the radio. You know, since our oh-so-wise legislators made it illegal to read Peach Pundit whilst driving, I certainly wouldn’t want to break the law. 😉

                • We cannot get anything politically relevant about GA in SE Georgia via the radio waves. The Interwebs, Peach Pundit, Twitter, other sources that shall not be named, Facebook, and the AJC website (we cannot get the AJC paper in our neck of the woods) are the major sources. Oh, and good ol’ fashion gossip via text, phone, and email. Every day at least one conversation starts with “Did you hear…?”

    • Joshua Morris says:

      Let’s be honest. If you attended any of her campaign events, you saw that she has some pretty die hard followers in Hall County and throughout NE GA. She had probably the strongest army of female volunteers that I’ve seen.

    • She came in second in the primary, just 734 votes behind Doug Collins. She did lose the runoff by 6,600 votes or so, but no one can say she was not extremely competitive. She is well-liked throughout the state.

      • Lea Thrace says:

        I was with you until you got to “throughout the state.”

        I’m not sure she is even well known outside of the northern parts of GA let alone well liked.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    If it is back in politics, hopefully she learned the lesson from last time that Joel is a great way to blow a huge name id and lead in polls

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