Morning Reads for Thursday, March 21

246561_327314404038617_190829595_nGood morning!  I’ve missed you guys.  Been in Dallas since Saturday for a trade show.  This is our awesome sales team – give Mama a big PO.

As I caught up on personal emails and reading, this stood out in yesterday’s PP Daily:

With the end of the Georgia Legislative Session coming March 28th, just two days before the FEC deadline, look for Legislative Congressional hopefuls in the 10th district (Broun) to announce their candidacies soon. Rep. Donna Sheldon (R-Dacula) and Sen. Bill Cowsert (R-Athens) are thought to be poised to get into that race. This of course will set up more announcements to replace those two in the House and Senate. To really play some inside baseball: who will replace Sheldon as House Majority Caucus Chair when her term ends?  Weigh in if you’re hearing anything.

There’s a lot of news out there this morning, but we’ve got to call it quits at some point. Enjoy the articles below and post others you like in the comments.





  1. Tyler says:

    I find it ironic that Cyprus is in the news after I just got done watching the original BBC series of “House of Cards.” Where is Francis Urquhart when you need him?

  2. John Vestal says:

    I’ve forwarded the pic to each of your respective former grade schools. All of you have been retroactively suspended.

    ‘Old hat’ for some, no doubt. :>)

  3. bgsmallz says:

    Great analysis of how uninsured and insured get billed by hospitals not on services provided but on ability to negotiate/pay. I think there is irony in there regarding those with private insurance or no insurance/middle to high income having to pay higher rates in order to cover the costs of those that are uninsured and can’t pay and to cover the costs of the below market rates that are secured by those backed by the government, but I’m not smart enough to identify it.

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