Troup County Democrats…

are in a world of hurt.

An editorial in the LaGrange Citizen begins like this:

I knew that Chris Sloan was as crooked as a dog’s hind leg soon after he became chairman of Troup County Democratic Party (TCDP) a couple of years ago,

It should not surprise you that it gets worse from there. Maybe there was embezzlement, maybe the entire board was dismissed to cover it up, and then maybe the roommate of the alleged embezzler was named the new county chair, who knows? It’s a good story with more twists and turns than two hobos fighting over a bean.


  1. Jane says:

    Did the 3rd district Gop have a similar problem? And the Georgia Republican women? Did Any Republicans go to jail?

  2. Ed says:

    “more twists and turns than two hobos fighting over a bean.”

    A good way to describe Democrats in Georgia!

    • Ron McClellan says:

      “more twists and turns than two hobos fighting over a bean.”

      That is pretty good, heheh.

  3. Ron McClellan says:

    Interestingly, Scott Smith, the Editor/Owner of the Lagrange Citizen, isn’t exactly a bastion of ethical politics or journalism himself. The story above, while quite useful, has a less than ethical motivation behind it.

    Katie Cashen-Harris, IS an honest person, and is being screwed over by corrupt “higher-ups” as Scott correctly points out. But Scott Smith is out for himself, and his loyalties are more motivated from a “what’s in it for me” perspective.

    Ironically, this is demonstrated PERFECTLY in the very line quoted from his opening sentence in article. Well if Scott was aware of this “years ago” . . . . why did he wait until now to mention it? I know why. He saw an opportunity for himself that he felt outweighed any potential benefit of keeping his mouth shut.Scott Smith has shown time and time again he is pretty much willing to throw ANYONE under the bus if he feels he has something to gain from it. I know this first hand, having been a victim of Scotts sleazy standard of ethics. If Scott takes issue with my opinion posted here, I welcome him to discuss publicly, in detail things like vilifyiing people for campaign finance technical violations . . .that he himself was actually even more guilty of. Scott?

    Or how about claims of Scott Smith having called and left numerous messages for an official that he had in fact NOT called, and had NOT left messages for . Scott . . .both the official in question . . .with his phone records . . . are STILL waiting for you to produce YOUR phone records which would be easy to produce . . .except for the reality that you were . . .well . . .lying your butt off, got caught red handed . . .and then banned ME to cover up your little fib, heheh.

    Careful folks, Scott will take a half truth, make up out of thin air “the other half” to bolster his story if it fits his needs. Generally, I’d have to concur he is “pretty close” on this story, though again, his motivation for the story is . . .eh . . .”questionable” to put it WAY too politely.

    As for the next story he writes . . .who knows?

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