Sine Die Road Show – Wednesday March 27th

The 2013 session of the legislature will come mercifully to an end next Thursday if all goes as planned.  As has become tradition, Peach Pundit will help you drink away your sorrows, fears, and memories of Fulton County as you know it the night before the final day’s festivities.  Members of the General Assembly are allowed and lobbyists can come too to buy them (and US!) all the non-capped gratuities they so desire.

The location will be Gordon Biersch Midtown.   They’ve treated us very well during our last visits and we’re honored they’ll have the likes of us again.

March 27th – 6:30 to 9″ish”PM

Come join us – Republicans, Democrats, and those of you who pretend you’re independent alike.

We look forward to seeing some of you.  Others, not so much.


  1. Nonchalant says:

    The Assyrians, the Akkadians, Ancient Rome, Byzantium, Persia, Spanish New World holdings, Napoleonic France, Fulton County.

    What do they have in common?

    All were empires transferring wealth from one place to another; all are defunct. Or soon will be.

  2. South Fulton Guy says:

    Nonchalant, Clearly you are not familiar with the Shafer amendment prohibiting counties from collecting taxes in one area of a special services taxing district and spending those taxes in a noncontiguous area. Nor are you familiar with the wealth transfer from the Fulton Industrial Zone in South Fulton northward enabling North Fulton to grow…

    • Nonchalant says:

      South Fulton Guy, clearly you are not familiar with the idea that others have memories. I submit there was a reason the Amendment you point out passed.

      From Wikipedia:
      “Senator Vincent Fort denounced the Shafer Amendment as “apartheid,” saying it prevented Fulton County from taxing wealthy, predominately white homeowners in North Fulton and spending those taxes providing services to poorer areas of South Fulton. Shafer agreed that the amendment had that effect, saying that each area should pay for its own services, but called the reference to apartheid “erroneous and insulting.” Fulton County unsuccessfully sued to overturn the Shafer Amendment, losing in front of both a Fulton Superior Court judge and the Georgia Supreme Court.”

      I personally take the tax empire that Fulton once was as what we could expect under the benevolent new Democratic state of Georgia, where whitey gets his, arrival date 2025 or so.

      Thanks for playing.

          • joe says:

            That is exactly the point.

            You can generate your own Wikioedia entry, and make it say anything you want it to. If you have others edit the entry, you can have an entry that stays for several months.

            It is not a good source. Actually, it is not really a ‘source’ at all. Many of the articles are good, but just as many are biased.

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