More from the Daily – Columbus Insiders Play Hardball To Protect No Bid Contract

More from the daily that you are missing out on. It seems like those who have had a government contract that is old enough to qualify  for Social Security are willing to play hardball against those who want to  see a competitive bid. Go sign up now so you aren’t left out.


Another School Scandal, Slight Variation: Columbus-Muscogee Schools have had the same law firm since the 1950s. Local attorney Frank Myers raised a whole bunch of sand at a public meeting March 12, saying the firm Hatcher Stubbs Land Hollis and Rothschild was charging “outrageous fees” that have more than doubled since 2005. News reports say Myers was quite vocal and had to be urged to sit down by a security guard. Myers also provided research showing the average cost of legal fees per student among 15 school districts is $9.60 while in Muscogee County the cost is $20.77. In response to Mr. Myers’ inquiries, the Muscogee School Board Chairman and the Interim School Superintendent got the local police chief to request an investigation by the GBI into Myers, -and into State Senator Josh McKoon, a Republican from the area who has become a champion of ethics and open government. Sen. McKoon, who is wildly popular among the reform-minded groups in Georgia, had this response for Jim Galloway in the AJC: “I’m just disturbed that the Board of Education’s response to a political criticism is to initiate some sort of process designed to smear their critics.”

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  1. ARAR says:

    it is pretty sad when a good citizen of Columbus asks a question, points out over spending, and then is accused of some political motive. Then they add someone else that is not involved in the issue to try and move away from the main issue. when is it not every tax paying persons duty to question spending by any elected board???we should ask for the GBI to investagate the Muscogee County School Board. They must be hiding something, I wonder what it is… if a simple statement of over spending scares them…

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