Tom Graves On Morning Joe

And since so many of you want to discuss national entitlement issues in the other state/local threads, consider this your place to air out all things national/fiscal.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Graves is correct. Entitlements could be addressed (and improved) and put in order prior to raising taxes.

    Our elected should know how and should drive the process. Not take polls and continually seek general ideas and ignore committtees and bluster around.

    Faith gets lost when those we had such high hope in, like Austin Scott, exhibit their total inability to overhaul anything when their best idea is cut everything 1% per…..depressing…….

    In the business world, I once publically fired a guy with those cowardly management techniques and the next year the 12 remaining managers ran their groups for the best cost controlled, sound allocation of money, efficient and productive year ever.

    Won’t happen in politics short of a catastrophe or a visionary leader.

    Just saying, let’s give these guys a finite pot of money by limiting spending, absent a national catastrophe/declared war, to a percentage of GDP. And implement term limits.

  2. Three Jack says:

    Mika who loves to criticize others for making stupid remarks (see Sarah Palin, W, just about any GOPer who has ever uttered a word) says. “…this is about closing loopholes, not about the American people.” Have a Big Gulp Mika.

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