From the Daily: The Rumor That Won’t Go Away

From Today’s Peach Pundit Daily: There’s a persistent and possibly laughable rumor that House Speaker David Ralston would consider throwing his hat into the three-ringed circus of a Republican primary for US Senate in Georgia in 2014. Why laughable? Because going from House Speaker to junior Senator is effectively a political demotion. Why persistent? Because he could probably pull it off.

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  1. Michael Silver says:

    Sounds like a hopeful rumor spread by the Democrats.

    Sending Speaker Ralston to the US Senate would be a huge loss to Georgia and the next generation of leaders. I don’t agree with some of his positions, but he does listen to all sides. I’ve seen him mentor Representatives often and help them achieve their potential. Georgia is fortunate to have him in the second most powerful position in government.

    If we’re going to spread rumors, how about a candidate that will shake up the putrid House of Whores, er the US Senate. State Senator Josh McKoon would do that. I heard him speak at a Tea Party event. He gets it and has solutions. He’d be as aggressive in reigning in our government as the Wacko Birds, Rand, Paul, and Cruz.

    Its pathetic that a conservative state like Georgia sends country club get-along-go-along republicans to the Senate. We need a outsider in the Senate, not DC retreads padding their retirement plans like Gingrey for example.

    • During my run in the 3rd district my path crossed with Josh McKoon a number of times. He was the most impressive elected offical I met and would agree that he should consider running for the United States Senate. Josh would be a breath of fresh air. Go for it Josh, you would have my vote and active support.

  2. greencracker says:

    Alright, Speculation page Editor, as long as you’re stirring pots, go ahead and throw out some names for House Speaker’s seat.

    I heard Buzz Brockaway , but you hear all kinds of things.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Good grief. Has the Jameson not worn off from last night?

    Call the Speaker. Ask if he’s running.

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