Good Morning, Monday!

Hey, guys! Happy Monday! I’m typing this on Sunday so ask me how I feel in a few hours.

What suits your Monday musical mood? Glenn Gould performing “The Goldberg Variations”? Montrose’s “Rock the Nation”? Or, perhaps, Wynn Stewart with “Another Day, Another Dollar”?

No Georgia schools will have a chance to cut down the nets when the Final Four reaches the Dome on April 6 because none qualified for the Big Dance. Cards, ‘Hawks, ‘Zags and Hoosiers are your No. 1 seeds. A Peach Pundit bracket tourney is being formed. Lost productivity from the first two days of the tourney costs employers $175 million.

Also, keep this Thursday evening free. Details to follow……..

AJC Links

I strongly encourage everyone to buy the physical AJC. I know from experience that when I do, my fish stay fresher longer and my birds are happier.

How the Georgia General Assembly class of 1963 created modern Georgia.

A tour of the Governor’s Mansion with the First Lady.

Should Atlanta bid for the Olympics again?

My home has a new young’n! Zoo Atlanta has a new baby gorilla. And by “my home” I mean Grant Park, of course.


Another dispiriting look at the court system in Georgia.

Billy Jerome Presley spent 17 months in a Georgia jail because he did not have $2,700 for a child support payment. He had no prior jail record but also no lawyer…[A]s legal officials observe the anniversary of what is widely considered one of the most significant judicial declarations of equality under law (Gideon V. Wainright), many say that the promise inherent in the Gideon ruling remains unfulfilled because so many legal needs still go unmet.”

I will have more on another perhaps dispiriting aspect of Georgia’s legal system later this week. Stay tuned…

The FBI recently re-opened cold cases from the Civil Rights era where Whites were accused of murdering African-Americans. The results and process could charitably be described as “less than satisfactory.” One of the cases involved the late husband of Grace Hall Miller of Newton. “I guess they were just trying to make a show,” she said of the FBI’s work.

Tracy Thompson’s book “The New Mind of the South” is reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Eamon Gilmore, Ireland’s No. 2 politician skipped Savannah St. Paddy’s day celebration to avoid all-male dinner. That’s cool, bro. You weren’t actually invited and Georgia is going to beat your entire country’s soccer team.

Mike Vick not worried about the haters, finishing book tour.


  1. Ed says:

    1) This published early.
    2) “From Her To Eternity” just came on the radio. It is easily Nick Cave’s best song.

  2. John Konop says:

    Does anyone think Gonzaga gets in as a number 1 if they played in the ACC, Big East, BigTen…..? Pitt beats them in round 2……. UCLA interesting dark horse…….Syracuse the Sybil team of the year……Lousivile tough and tested……Old gaurd Indiana and Duke for real…….Miami may be way more than a 1 hit wonder……Michigan great on the outside, but are the big and tough enough? Michigan State another dark horse, and always well coached……Ohio State do they have enough upfront? Mississippi may be peaking……..Florida another well coached team……Kanas always in the game…….

    Lousivile is my pick and 2 surprise teams that make a good run UCLA and Michigan State……overrated team of the year Gonzaga! Btw if Miami made a run would not be surprised…..

    Finally Cincy takes down Crieghten……

    March Madness Rocks!

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Does anyone think Gonzaga gets in as a number 1 if they played in the ACC”


      Great rundown of the tournament field.

  3. noparty says:

    “Should Atlanta bid for the Olympics again?”

    Ehhh … no.

    “Tracy Thompson’s book “The New Mind of the South” is reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.”

    Thompson looks like just another liberal to me. How about this: white southerners should start talking about lynchings when the NAACP starts addressing illegitimacy, crime, and the terrible job performance of so many urban politicians and bureaucrats, and by that I mean actually addressing it and not using Marxist nonsense to justify it. Sound like a good trade to you? The good ole’ boys with the Confederate flags would LOVE a deal like that. The NAACP, Urban League, NOW, the Democratic Party etc. on the other hand? Not so much.

    On a similar vein, if you really want to talk about cold cases, that is often where blacks kill blacks, when in many such instances there isn’t even an adequate investigation. And again, you generally aren’t going to see civil rights Trayvon Martin style marches organized to address this issue. Which is a real shame.

    As for legal services for the poor, unfortunately that program gets viewed as being both soft on crime and fiscally liberal. Oh yeah, and it financially benefits trial lawyers. Where either of them would be bad enough on their own, a program that pays trial lawyers and fiscally liberal on behalf of criminals (yes many of whom technically are innocent but still) is just too much to take. Good luck being able to find even a moderate, let alone a conservative, willing to expend political capital on that issue.

    • Nonchalant says:

      I read the review, and was struck by the “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” bit in the last few paragraphs. My thought was that would be great–we could haul Baby Boomers before it and ask “what did they know in high school and when did they know it?” questions, because that is exactly what the Baby Boomers–our now most-senior generation–were in 1964. High schoolers.

      I also looked askance at her eager anticipation for Hispanics to remake the South. I am afraid there is going to be no common ground here. When you look forward to a group that is, in the main not here legitimately, well, when you look forward to them eventually both remaking the politics and culture–in other words displacing the residents–then I have every right to assume it is nothing but a slow-motion invasion, of the “Germanic hordes” type, and react accordingly.

      This is all very pertinent, and a story at our times. I just got done with a racial incident, where the perpetrator was black. I went into the local Starbucks, following two Hispanic looking guys (though several generations in, so Americans). We got in line the normal way. A older black man had been standing to the left of the register, in the area where you get your drinks. It turns out he had been in line. When I got in line he looked like I had assaulted him. I couldn’t figure it out. Then he came around and got where he should be, in front of the two Hispanic guys, and started making veiled comments to the Hispanic guys that I had somehow done him wrong. I pointed out that the line went the way we got in it.

      He then offered to hit me. His problem wasn’t with the Hispanic guys, who had “broken” in front of him and whom I followed, it was with me, the shorter, white guy who had done him no wrong, but one whom he could take his aggression out on (which the Hispanic guy, an ex-Army fellow, commented on). I’m sure that black guy thinks I am a racist.

      This is happening more and more frequently in America. A multi-culti America offers me nothing, a future Democratic Georgia offers me nothing, but a chance to be demonized and subjected to injustices great and small because of the sins of the past I had no complicity in.

      But since I am white and male, I will be the scapegoat. Pardon me if I resent that. This state, this nation can go to hell if they embrace that.

  4. drjay says:

    i thought something was missing this weekend, now i know what it was, eamon gilmore wasn’t here…oh wait, i didn’t notice his absence at all, never mind…erin go bragh!!

  5. SourGwinnett says:

    “Another dispiriting look at the court system in Georgia.”

    How about Christopher T. Adams ‘alledgedly’ stealing from that very kind of system for what he ended up paying, by agreement, over $10,000.00 back to that system. ‘Volunteering’ for punishment from the bar to which the Gwinnett DA was willing to accept 6 months suspension but ended up with 18 months even though it took over 4 YEARS to get it to court. At that rate he wouldn’t even have to drop his clients knowing he’d be back in active status before their court date.

    To add insult to injury, his secretary is also facing charges of theft from a sitting judge in Gwinnett with an unindicted similar from another sitting Judge in Gwinnett is still pending after 3 YEARS after paying back many thousands of dollars too.

    If you rob a bank and give the money back, you’re still a criminal and should serve your time. Just because you don’t do it with a gun shouldn’t absolve you of your actions.

    This is my personal interpretation and opinion and all charges are alleged and obtained via public record.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      “Ten years ago, we were fixin’ to get in a mess.”

      …That’s an understatement.

  6. John Vestal says:

    Those who recognize Ed’s avatar might also have noticed the new Coke Zero™ ad (guys discussing their NCAA brackets for the office pool) over the weekend as using the voice of “Archer” (H. Jon Benjamin) for the voice-over.

    Great choice by what is apparently a new agency for the brand.

  7. saltycracker says:

    Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Richard Fisher said the government should break up the biggest U.S. banks rather than allow them to hold a “too-big- to-fail” advantage over smaller firms.

    The 12 largest financial institutions hold almost 70 percent of the assets in the nation’s banking system and profit from an unfair implicit guarantee that the government would bail them out.

  8. Noway says:

    Hillary flips on gay marriage, Repub govs saying ok to Obama care, the race is on to appeal to the progressives who skunked the GOP 6 months ago. What issue or which pol will jump on board next?

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