Behavior Worthy Of Praise

I’ve been involved in Party Politics for almost 17 years now. Sometimes it seems we Republicans would rather rip each other to shreds than win an election and try to implement the conservative principles we talk about. However, at last week’s Gwinnett GOP Convention I saw something I thought worthy or praise.

The race for Chairman of the Gwinnett GOP was a civil affair with the two candidates, Rachel Little and Gene Callaway talking about their plans for the future of the Party. They both spoke kindly of each other and refrained from attacks of any kind that I was aware of. Rachel Little won the race. She has worked extremely hard for the Gwinnett GOP and for numerous candidates over the past several years. I’m sure she’ll do an excellent job and she has my full support. Gene Callaway, within minutes of the conclusion of the Convention sent out this email to the delegates:

I would like to thank those who supported and vote for me today. The votes didn’t go the way I would have liked to see, but I am still a winner. I am a winner because of you and I am a winner because of this election. I am proud of the race I ran and I look forward to working with Rachel Little in the next 2 years. My congratulations to Rachel and thank you Rachel for the race you ran and the courage to step out and your willingness to lead. Please join me in praying for her and congratulating Rachel Little your next Gwinnett Republican Chair.


It’s very easy to take the low road in Party elections and all to often that happens. Small things get blown out of proportion and we all to often lose sight of what the job of the Republican Party really is: to elect as many Republicans as possible and to advance the Republican principals of a Constitutionally restrained government that encourages personal responsibility and freedom.

As we Republicans move forward in the process of electing Party leaders, let’s follow Gene and Rachel’s example and remember that an 80% friend is not a 20% enemy.


  1. rrrrr says:

    Yes this was a class act…

    Having had a greater impact out “in the world” than even the original author could have surmised on its release.

  2. This message also applies to business, civic groups, friends, family, and neighbors. If folks in DC could do more of this we could all move forward as a country instead of spending time, energy, and money bickering.

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