The Peach Pundit Daily – Offensive Words Warning

Today’s Peach Pundit Daily includes use of the words gambling, marijuana the effects of ginseng,* and other adult topics such as “legislature” and “subcommittee hearings.” (Also, due to a complicated, technical error that involved pressing “send” instead of “save” some of you may have been sent two copies of the Peach Pundit Daily today.) Spam filters screen for words like that and block emails containing them, especially if they detect multiple copies of the same email. So if you subscribe to, but didn’t get your Peach Pundit Daily, please check the spam folder on your email account. And if you don’t subscribe, why not? You can do so at this link, and it’s free.

*If the effects of ginseng persist for more than four hours, you should either see a doctor or three nurses.


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