Wanna Play Governor? Pick 6.

Pop Quiz: You’re the Governor, and the third-largest school district in your state is imploding. You’ve got to pick six replacement school board members who will a) preserve the district’s accreditation; b) restore public trust in the school system and, maybe; c) begin to improve student achievement so that the kids in the system don’t graduate with worthless diplomas and wind up in jail or as wards of the state. There are 63 names to choose from posted below. Go.

(I will lessen your task by a little. The name “Mike Hassinger” shouldn’t be included in your guesses -he’s not in it.) Winners are eligible for a “major award,” and lifetime recognition for clearing the bar of low expectations. So, go. 

Name:  District(s ) Eligible To Replace

Ophelia Mims:  5,9

Melvin Mitchell: 5,9

Cheryl Phillips: 5,9

Cassandra Barber: 5,9

LaSalle Smith: 5,9

Stacy Boyd: 5,9

Doris Daniels: 5,9

Jonathan Weintraub: 1,8

Janea Johnson: 7,8

Bob Dallas: 1,8

Will Thomas: 7,8

Long Tran: 1,8

Joyce Morley: 7,8

Werner Rogers: 1,8

Edmond Richardson: 3,9

John Coleman: 1,8

Deanna Cauthen: 3,9

Sherida Clayton: 3,9

Douglas Ealey: 7,8

Michael Erwin: 3,9

Dennis Neblett: 7,8

Martha Brooks: 9

Thaddeus Mayfield: 5,9

Melanie Stockwell: 9

Jennifer Hatfield: 8

Darryl Davis: 3,9

Jamilah Stephens: 5,9

Michael Coveny: 1,8

John Plotkin: 3,9

Doreen Carter: 5,9

Mike Hassinger: 8

Bryce Farbstein: 7,8

Doug Teper:  9

David Campbell: 5,9

Joy Hawkins: 1,8

Kathleen Mathers: 9

Daniel Montgomery: 8

Anthony McClarn: 3,9

David Williamson: 8

Nicholas Marinelli: 1,8

LaToya Marc: 5,9

Ronald Mangum: 8

Catherine Metaxopoulos: 9

Jonathan Vaughters: 8

Karen Carter: 8

Marney Mayo

Belinda Hammond: 8

Dan Weber: 1,8

Florena Oliver: 8

Rosa McPherson-Greene: 8

Elizabeth Flournoy: 5,9

Jacquelyn Morris: 3,9

Gina Mangham:  8

Cynthia Chennault: 5,9

Faye Andresen: 9

LaTosha Jones: 3,9

Todd Pearson: 8

Stephen Bradshaw: 7,8

Beverly West: 3,9

Lynn Grant: 9

Rosalind McIntyre: 8

Trent Frank: 3,9

Denorris Heard: 7,8


  1. The awkward nerd will play…

    I haven’t met anyone on this entire list. I did a little cross-referencing of data points though. If I had to pick “brackets” of who I thought would be successful in the positions, here are my six:

    Cassandra Barber (if the broker)
    LaSalle Smith (if former GBI)
    Joyce Morley (if the psychotherapist)
    Darryl Davis (if IT analyst)
    David Williamson (if construction biz owner)
    Beverly West (if HR exec)

    Janea Johnson (if faculty at Argosy)
    Michael Coveny (if from Marist)
    Melanie Stockwell (if attorney)
    Doug Teper (if former Rep)
    LaToya Marc (if Teach for America)
    Dan Weber (if Six Sigma blackbelt)
    Kathleen Mathers (if from GOSA)
    Doris Daniels (if former Marine)

    • Lea Thrace says:

      Wow Bridget. You put in some serious work (read: more than I am willing to put in :-D) for this. I like a good majority of your picks.

        • James Touchton says:

          Well, Dan Weber is an Attorney and former Senate Education Committee for 6 years, who helped create career academies, fought for charter systems and helped keep a lot of bad legislation from seeing the Rules committee. I would have added him to the list.

          Melanie Stockwell is an Attorney and former COS to President Pro Tem Eric Johnson and was a big part in education reform in Georgia, especially with SB10, the Ga. Special Needs Scholarship, which allows kids with special needs to use vouchers to attend a school of their choice if the parents believes it is a better fit.

          Just my 2 cents!

  2. gchidi says:

    This list reaffirms my faith in humanity. There are some damned fine people here.

    Looking at Edler’s seat, for example, you have three candidates with significant post-secondary academic experience who could advise the board on curriculum for college preparation. You have an attorney who is a former communications director for Common Cause — which is to say, a guy that will unbury bodies. My pick would be Bradshaw. He was running against Sharon Barnes-Sutton last year as an anti-corruption candidate. Former military officer with a background in public policy. I had been planning to give him a hand with that before some personal issues temporarily ran me out of town. (The joys of a breakup abound). He’s the very best choice if you’re looking for a disciplined, task-focused board, although every single one of them in that district brings something clever to the table. Man, the talent that’s left on the table …

    • ryanhawk says:

      Yes, but does it reaffirm your faith in how we govern schools? How many of these people would choose to subject themselves to an election for school board? And how many of those would win? I think we know the answers…

  3. noparty says:

    Hopefully all 5 candidates picked by the governor will be ardent advocates of charter schools.

  4. Wait a second, where’s “d) Build two gymnasiums at every high school and theaters and other things we can’t afford to operate out of our yearly budget”?

    Cobb does it, why not DeKalb?

    • noparty says:

      Cobb does it to keep parents who could (should) send their kids to private schools in the public school system. So does North Fulton BTW …

  5. Rick Day says:


    John Coleman of District 1, Joyce Morley of District 7, Karen Carter of District 8, David Campbell of District 5, Thad Mayfield of District 9 and Michael Erwin of District 3

  6. Ghost of William F Buckley says:


    DeKalb kids, teachers, and the poor ol’ taxpayer!

    The CV’s of this group signals well educated business, academic, social leaders from all walks of life. I remain cautiously optimistic that DeKalb administration will match the excellence some of the District’s schools already possess. This tremendous group of volunteers, along with Supt. Thurmond’s expertise needs the support of citizens, businesses, and other leaders.

    Thank you Gov.Deal!

    • noparty says:

      Losers: NAACP, NAN and Eugene Walker who basically have no basis or standing to pursue a legal challenge. Even if they “win”, the most that they can do is run for re-election next year, when they would have no chance of winning. As a matter of fact, were the governor’s appointees to run, they’d win in a walk.

      • Lea Thrace says:

        Though I agree with the outcome, I am not sure about the “have no basis or standing to pursue a legal challenge.” To that end, I think there might be some shaky GA constitutional ground on the 2011 law. I think that if they keep fighting the Guv’s decision, they may actually have a slim chance of a favorable ruling on the constitutional challenge.

        I hope they stop fighting it though. Just lay down on this one. I’m looking at you Mr. Walker.

        Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I do not even play one on TV.

  7. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    I have a better game. Handicap the re-election of each of the persons suspended from the school board.

    In other words, what are the odds that voters in Dekalb Co. are as stupid as the voters in Clayton Co.?

    There are parallels in stupid voting for D.A., sheriff, and school board (among other things) in both counties over the last 10-15 years.

  8. elfiii says:

    @OleDirtyBarrister – In other words, what are the odds that voters in Dekalb Co. are as stupid as the voters in Clayton Co.?

    I put them at 5/4. It’s a horse race. 🙂

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