Morning Reads 3/11/13

Welcome to Monday, don’t let it get you down.

Georgia’s General Assembly made the Wallstreet Journal. Good job on voting “no” on an asinine bill.

California causes a stir amongst Georgia’s assisted living and independent living facilities.

Georgia Senate strategy: No Todd Akin.

Newsflash: Georgia’s community banks need help. What did the General Assembly do to help Georgia’s banks and debtors this session? Fill in the ________.

Allegedly, Ringgold is the place to be married. You can be merry anywhere, but anyone who is anyone gets married in Ringgold. I’m nobody, I was married in Cochran.

Cleveland Browns going after Jarvis Jones. Farewell Jarvis, welcome to less-than-mediocrity.

Could Alabama do something right with education that we do wrong? I didn’t know ‘Bama-ians COULD learn. See also Kyle Wingfield’s article on the subject.

There be gas in them hills!

Note to teachers; don’t give students prescription pills. End result WILL ALWAYS be bad.

Should we put guns IN classrooms?

Somebody started a fire. Ron, out.


  1. Ed says:

    Judging from the rumors I’ve been hearing from the Vatican this weekend… I’m not saying I will be the next Pope but… I fully plan on being in Rome on Friday.

    Just throwing that out there…

  2. Rick Day says:

    I would have thought that the presence of two comets in the heavens would cause some from the pulpit to exclaim it was a sign from god that the end is near for the wicked.

    But then, they would have to explain all that pesky science behind comets….

    • noparty says:

      Just more race-baiting by WND as usual. They are lumping all of the issues with Clayton, DeKalb and Atlanta together, while curiously ignoring the corruption scandals in conservative suburban areas like Gwinnett County. The secession movements in DeKalb have nothing to do with Atlanta. Also, while the anti-Fulton measures moving through the state legislature right now may harm Fulton, they won’t hurt Atlanta, and if anything it may strengthen the city.

      The only serious problem that Atlanta has had in recent years was the APS scandal, which it has weathered. The article left that out, and it also left out how Kasim Reed worked with the governor to resolve that crisis. (It also left out that many black Democrat DeKalb leaders support the governor’s actions regarding the school board.) “The Economist has also applauded the northern Atlanta cities for solving the problem of unfunded government pension liability and avoiding the bankruptcy that looms over some urban areas.” Yep, but Atlanta is not one of those urban areas, because Kasim Reed dealt with their pension problem his first year in office. Something else that WND chose to leave out.

      The truth: Atlanta’s population is growing. It has a budget surplus. Crime is down thanks to Reed’s significantly increasing the size of the police force. The sewer problem was ended by a collaboration of Shirley Franklin and Sonny Perdue. The Beltline is proceeding with mostly private funds. Condo construction and other development is picking back up, and within the past few months several IT sector employers have announced that they will locate or relocate to Atlanta, including at least a couple from the Atlanta suburbs to downtown. And one way or another, major progress on the MARTA problem will occur this year, either by way of privatization or the new CEO Keith Jacobs implementing the recommendations of the audit. And I didn’t even get into things like Hartsfield opening the new international terminal and the new stadium deal. The “Atlanta will be the next Detroit” talk is nothing but wishful thinking from certain people. It has no correspondence with the truth. And even the DeKalb school board crisis is basically over. The lawsuit and other stalling actions will keep Eugene Walker and whatever DeKalb school board member who refuses to resign away for at least a couple of years, long enough for the four remaining members and Deal’s replacements to get them off probation and to mount any recall elections needed.

      Detroit’s problems, the collapse of their main industry and a series of ideologically driven and very corrupt and incompetent leaders that would make Bill Campbell look like Zell Miller, have nothing to do with Atlanta. Put it this way … Mary Norwood, a white Republican, came one misstep in the final week of the campaign from being mayor of Atlanta because a significant portion of Atlanta’s black voters agreed with her pro-business, tough on crime stance, and in order to pull out a victory Reed had to come out with his own tough on crime stance and his private sector experience too. That would NEVER happen in Detroit, where the voters and the politicians are much more liberal and hostile. But hey, WND is too busy looking in Kenya for Obama’s birth certificate to figure that out.

      • Harry says:

        Look – for the millionth time – it’s not “race-baiting” to call out incompetence no matter the source. We call out white good old boys all the time. Get over your complexes and move on.

      • Scott65 says:

        I agree…race baiting and cherry picking of facts while disregarding facts that dont support their premise. Reads like typical faux journalism

          • Scott65 says:

            Responsibility for what? That makes no sense in the context I was speaking. Responsibility for a crappy article? I have no responsibility for that. Atlanta is a lot of things good and bad, but it not even close to being on the level of Detroit as far as the bad side goes

            • Harry says:

              You’re trotting out the “race baiting” line. Just accept the fact that Dekalb County is broken and needs to be fixed. The more excuses you make the longer it will take to dig out of the hole.

  3. Noway says:

    Two more Americans killed by their peace-loving Afghan students. I’m so sick of this S**t! We need to pack up and leave that hell-hole tomorrow. F**k ’em! They are simply not worth another American hangnail

  4. Scott65 says:

    The “municipal broadband” bill will be back next year…they will keep trying until they can adequately disguise it so nobody knows what it is until it passes. Rep Mark Hamilton, its sponsor, btw, received just under $5,000 from the telecom industry…if you live in Cumming with slow internet, remember that when you vote. Also it seems ALEC has something to do with that bill as well.

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