Backpedalin’. Gingrey recants.

No.  We saw you.  We see you.

Jim Galloway explains Congressman Gingrey’s PR move of completely recanting two messages that tick off both gun owners and women.

1.  We hope your shoulder feels better.  I was one of the many people who shook your hand Saturday morning.  You’re my Congressman.  I thank you for your service.

2.  I had a one hour convo today of yet another person saying “He’s in.”  So, we can shuffle past the Gingrey said he remains undecided about making the race – but is “leaning” toward running.

3.  Your constituents can appreciate As for his comments on rape and abortion, Gingrey referred to them as “stupid.”

4.  Your constituents can also appreciate “I have come to the conclusion that [limiting clip capacity] clearly would be a mistake — that it would not solve the problem,” he said.

Just sayin’ – let your Yea be Yea and your Nay be Nay.  Fair enough.  You’re holding out on an announcement to continue raising money in your Congressional coffers, but Congressman Gingrey, with due respect, I don’t want you as my Senator.  We need a new voice of the party.


  1. JayJacket says:

    “Congressman Gingrey, with due respect, I don’t want you as my Senator.”

    Thank you, Bridget Cantrell, for your insightful commentary and well-reasoned argument. May we ask whose Senate 2014 sticker is on your bumper?

      • JayJacket says:

        You say you applaud Phil for clearing the air and letting his position be known, but you’re doing your own credibility a disservice by attacking him and Broun without disclaiming your own candidate. Clear the air, Bridget! Will it be a Handel sticker on your bumper?

        • Oy – to my knowledge Handel hasn’t indicated she’s running for Senate. Actually, to that point, multiple outlets have said she wouldn’t run against Price.
          1. Folks have to quit playing the hokey pokey and putting a right toe in and right toe out.
          2. Once I know my choices, I’ll make my decision.

        • tdk790 says:

          Spotting bad candidates and being unsure about who you are supporting are not mutually exclusive.

          Gingrey offended women and gunowners (in Georgia of all places) and Broun, well, is Broun. Those are bad candidates. Bridget doesn’t have to hitch her wagon to anyone especially when only one guy is in the race.

          • Harry says:

            I don’t even know what the comment was, but most folks aren’t too offended by religious references. It’s a wash. His voting record is what counts, and it is solid conservative.

              • Harry says:

                I don’t have a sound card on this box, so I’ll have to catch it later. My personal feeling is you’ll never find a politician with whom you agree 100%. Paul Broun is a good man with an excellent voting record. Other GOP candidates can try to get to the left or right of Broun in the primary, but Democrats are advised not to bring petty, peripheral and marginalizing issues into the 2014 general election campaign – unless of course the Republican really does commit an Akin – but in general Georgia voters are smarter and more focused than to be influenced by some silly youtube gotcha.

                • Noway says:

                  I usually agree with you on things, Harry, but Bridget nailed this one. Broun may have a good voting record but whatever inspired him to utter the “pits of hell comment” will be his political undoing even in his own congressional seat, much less a statewide senate race. It was the most egregious example of political pandering I have ever seen. The Earth is only 9000 years old? All of the science he studied in med school is from the pits of hell? Jeez….What must a politician be thinking, especially an extremely educated one, to believe it necessary to say things like that? Assuming your constituents are that stupid is an insult that makes him unworthy to still occupy any elected office. He’s done. Broun is a Cloun.

                  • Harry says:

                    I give anybody some slack for a few off the wall comments – even Joe Biden. Maybe Broun was referring to years in terms of the Old Testament scribes and not the annual solar cycle? Was he catering to the audience? Sure. You need to get out more in rural Georgia.

                    • Noway says:

                      Harry, I’ve live in rural Georgia all my life. Still do. The vast majority of the people in the rural districts, whether they are as educated as Jethro Bodine or as the good doctor himself, don’t think the Earth is only 9000 years old. “Where did them there dinosaurs come from?” They know it wasn’t 9000 years ago. And any of them who’ve been saved by the miracles of modern medicine that the learned doctor himself practices know that that knowledge didn’t come from the “pits of hell.” Defend him all you want as him doing what he thought necessary. It will cost him his chance at a senate seat. Just my opinion. I could be wrong just as I was wrong about Obama winning a second go round. We’ll see!!

                    • Harry says:

                      I just don’t see Paul Broun’s opinion on the matter as being a deal killer. His voting record should override his (incorrect) theological view of evolution. More than anything we need principled, solid conservative Senate votes.

  2. Rick Day says:

    but…but..when John Kerry flip-flopped, everyone got all bat crazy! Gingey also flip-slopped on his initial primary about the Marijuana Question.

    Expect Bush-like reactions to the whim of the winds of opinion from this candidate.

    Blow hard, Phil…blow hard!

  3. ShiftingTides88 says:

    Gingrey’s embarrassing flip flop here reminds me of the incident with Rush Limbaugh awhile back, where he was forced into the same type apology deal. Cong. Jack Kingston is in the Senate race. He’s a strong conservative with a sensible core I think. Thoughts… Bridget?

  4. Daddy Got A Gun says:

    Even in his recent comments, he still hasn’t grasped the concept of “shall not be infringed”. He lost my vote, forever.

    Somewhere in Georgia we have a Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. We have to find them .

  5. John Konop says:

    I know and like Phil………the truth is Gingrey is a smart guy…….the elephant in the room, which nobody is talking about, is the tight rope between comments made to fire up base to win primaries……as the base become more about a purity test it will make it harder for the GOP on a national level.

    Unless the GOP base opens up the tent it will become a regional party that shrinks as the demographics keep changing……..

    • Harry says:

      That’s what the corporate media keeps saying, but I don’t believe it. What many are looking for are independent-minded statesmen no matter the ideology. There is much apathy due to the electorate being turned off, and those folks are not voting. Let the GOP be the GOP, whether they win or lose. The important thing is to live by one’s convictions. If the “demographics” are so narrow-minded to not support the GOP, so be it.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        Good points, but with 60.9 million votes, Romney had the 4th-highest vote total of all-time, which would have won him the White House in a ridiculously overwhelming landslide in 1980, but lost him the race by four percentage points in 2012.

        • Harry says:

          Romney was my idea of a model candidate but he simply didn’t fire up enough of his base for various reasons. Obama did.

          • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

            Obama also turned-out his voters with his “ruthlessly efficient” organizational machine while taking advantage of the gifts supplied to him by way of some very ill-advised comments from Limbaugh, Akin, Romney himself and Mourdock.

      • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

        It may not be the “narrow-mindedness” of the changing demographics as much as it is the negative messaging and sometimes repulsive tone towards them as the votes of women and minorities can no-longer be considered disposable with their rapidly-growing numbers in the electorate.

    • The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

      But in attempting to fire up the base (while seriously turning-off moderate voters) with the ill-advised comments supporting Todd Akin, Gingrey also seriously turned-off the base with his comments about limiting gun clip capacity.

      In one felled-swoop he turned-off both the base and the moderate center.

    • Three Jack says:


      Gingrey’s stupid comments were from his heart…he really believes what he originally stated. It wasn’t about playing to the crowd, he was/is the elephant in the room.

      • John Konop says:


        Seriously, I have had very safistacated conversation with Phil about the banking system and issues…..the guy really gets it…..I have no dog in this fight, but trust me the guy is really smart…..I may not always agreed with him, but he is a smart guy!

          • Three Jack says:


            I didn’t say anything about his smarts or lack thereof. He said his statement about rape was “stupid”, his word, not mine.

            You said he was just playing to a crowd. I think you are incorrect because he really believes what he said, it just didn’t come out right or wasn’t received the way he thought it would be. That’s the problem with Gingrey, his actual beliefs in many cases, not his IQ.

  6. There are several names that have not yet been mentioned as Senate candidates, including a big one that will surprise everyone. Wait until the end of the month.

    • tdk790 says:

      Is there even a big one left? Every constitutional officer, congressman, and relevant GOPer on the bench has been mentioned.

  7. xdog says:

    A lot of gopers have trouble holding a thought in their head. Broun has danced away from his ‘pits of hell’ views. Ryan is for or against Medicare cuts depending on what day it is. Jeb Bush u-turns on immigration in a week. Now Gingrey completely recants his guns and rape position. They all act like an old lady trying to decide on lunch after a couple of silver bullets. Nathan Deal is starting to look good for his consistency, if you can ignore what’s he’s consistent about.

    • Baker says:

      Ha, a silver bullet reference, awesome.

      If Paul Broun were to run, you could say he’s going “against the wind.” Casey Cagle might win because he has better ‘night moves.’

  8. D_in_ATL says:

    It’s not a fine line that separates Gingrey (and Brouns) views as simple pandering to how they view the world….it’s a chasm. Simple pandering can be tolerated but these guys are on a whole other level. For good or ill they decided to step in it and should be held accountable by any reasonable, thinking person.

  9. Three Jack says:

    Gingrey recants ‘stupid’ comments. Sorry congressman, no mulligans when you say what you mean then realize what you mean is stupid.

    Please, please run for senate so that we can get on with finding a new congress(wo)man.

  10. Napoleon says:

    I agree with Bridget on Gingrey and Broun. I like Gingrey, but I just feel like his time has passed. I just don’t think we’re well served by a freshman senator in his 70’s. Plus you can’t take back words, especially if they are on video. He’ll spend more time defending what he said than getting a message out.

    From what I’m hearing Kingston is definitely in and did a soft announcement in Forsyth County a few weeks ago.

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