St. Baldrick’s Day Fast Approaching

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Now that we’re into the home stretch of the 2013 legislature, we should all be prepared for the “it’s for the children” excuse to pass a lot of really crappy legislation.  Before we get to that stomach turning level, let’s take a moment to do something that actually IS for the children.

Frequent commenter and all around good guy John Vestal will again be participating in the St. Baldrick’s Day event, a fundraiser to raise money to cure childhood cancer.  John and many others will be shaving their heads This Sunday, March 10th, to raise money for charity at The Harp Irish Pub in Roswell, which has been holding this annual event for 12 years.

Tanya Connolly-Walsh, daughter of Harp proprietor Ray Connolly, has been serving as the event organizer for several years going back to when her son, Keelin, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at only six weeks of age.  Keelin is now 8 and has been cancer-free for six years….and has also joined the ranks of the “shavees” at the annual events.

I’ve made a donation.  Please consider doing so as well.  To do so, go here.  It really is for the children.


  1. John Vestal says:

    Thank you, oh fearless and charitable leader!

    Would love to see you AND some other PP’ers drop by on Sunday for a post-12:30p pint! I might *even* be buying (within reason :>)

    Seriously, thank you!

  2. Hey Vestal, what time are you shaving your head? I’d likely drop by and buy you a beer (and donate too). One of my girlfriends shaved 18in of her hair last year. It’s a great cause because no woman parts with hair otherwise.

    • John Vestal says:

      Bridg, me and my fellow “Team Spider Monkey” cohorts are scheduled to started getting BUZZED just after 1:00. Hope you can make it!

      I recall your girlfriend and her head-shave from the FB pics you posted. Looks better on her than me. Then again, what wouldn’t? :>)

  3. Thanks for posting this! Somehow I’ve missed John’s posts about it on Facebook. Not sure if I’ll be able to come by or not, but thanks for what you’re doing John!

    • Charlie says:

      Thank you sir.

      His team, “Team Spider Monkey”, still needs $2,203 to get to their goal, so donations are still being accepted of course.

      So the rest of you…you know what to do.

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