Oh, Great. Somebody Broke the Rule.

And that rule would be…?

“The first rule of Fight Club is – you don’t talk about Fight Club.”

Erick spilled the beans, along with lists of who voted against Speaker Boehner’s rule for the continuing resolution (and thus voted to defund Obamacare) just an hour or so ago. Nine of these gentlemen also voted against Boehner in reelection to the Gavel. There may be hope yet.

The ten members of the Conservative Fight Club are:
– Amash
– Bridenstine
– Broun
– Gohmert
– Huelskamp
– Jones
– Massie
– Pearce
– Salmon
– Yoho

Standing with them were:

– Brooks
– Fleming
– Gingrey
– Kingston
– McClintock
– Rohrabacher

Some of those names are surprising, especially in consideration of the upcoming run for the Senate seat.

Exit question: Where was Price?


  1. Harry says:

    Once again the AJC has proven themselves inept in identifying what is newsworthy and what is not.

  2. SOWEGA says:

    The Republicans voting against the CR certainly got permission to do so only after the Democrat vote was “whipped” for enough of them to crossover and vote for the bill. Had this not occured, Kingston, Gingrey, and Broun would have all voted “Yea” for the legislation.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Where was Price? You mean the Price that the Speaker had just named Vice-Chair of Ryan’s Budget Committee? Voting with the Speaker, people.

    And please…this isn’t the “conservative” list. The other 200+ Republicans are conservative. These are the political opportunists that are looking to continue our party’s fruitless drift off their flat Earth as they look to campaign for higher office.

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